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The Colston's Hospital School Years

Works of Doubtful Authenticity?

(Works to be Considered 5)

Not much to see here at present - . Held up by the Pandemic and waiting for Bristol Library to reopen in order to obtain images of the First Printings of the works on this page - in Felix Farley's Bristol Journal.

On the Last Epiphany, or Christ Coming to Judgement

Written 1763 - Published 1763      TP1138

The Churchwarden and the Apparition

Written 1764  - Published 1764   TP1139A

I've let my Yard, and sold my Clay

Written 1764- Published 1764  TP1139B

Letter from Fullford, the Grave-digger

Written 1764 - Published 1764   TP1139C

Custom. A Satire

Written 1766 - Published 1766  TP1140

Lost Works (2)

Works Wrongly Attributed

Amphitryon. A Burletta

Written 1769-Published 1782

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