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Apostate Will

Written 1764 - Published 1780. TP810A

Age 11-12, Colston's School

Apostate Will is one of Chatterton's earliest works. It was written in 1764 but not published until 1780, when Herbert Croft included it in his book Love and Madness. 


According to Croft, the original Chatterton manuscript was in the possession of Sarah Chatterton, the poet's mother.  


The Croft transcript of Apostate Will is preferred by Taylor.

The original Chatterton manuscript is missing? 


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Sly Dick


A Hymn for Christmas Day

Written 1764 - Published 1803. TP811A & B

Age: 12, Colston's School

These two poems are First Printings from the three volume 1803, edition of Chatterton's works.

We await copies of the originals from Houghton Harvard Library who own the manuscripts.


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On The Last Epiphany

Chatterton's First Time in Print?

Iconic Moment 4

Written & Published 1763

Age: 10, Colston's School

We have to make do with the first printing of On the last Epiphany, or CHRIST coming to JUDGEMENT, as no manuscript is known to exist. It was printed in Felix Farley's Bristol Journal, on the 8th January 1763, when Chatterton was just 10 years old.

It was first claimed as Chatterton's work by William Tyson in 1837, and is accepted as such by Meyerstein.

It is listed in 'Works of Doubtful Authenticity' by Donald S. Taylor.

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