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Online Links to Biographies of Chatterton

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You will sometimes get a negative result

When using an online search function

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The function finds it difficult to recognise

Words in 18th century books

Due to faded or foxed type,

Or when the long S is used

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How was Chatterton viewed through the Ages

Check Out the following:

The Wonderful Weirdness of Herbert Croft 1780 & 1786

First full biography by George Gregory 1789

Through others to Dix 1837

To George Pryce 1854. and Ingram 1910

And Meyerstein in 1930

To Linda Kelly 1970

And a good few others in between

All of which will be listed below with links

When they become available,

Oh, gosh! Another page under construction

Herbert Croft 1780

Herbert Croft 1786

John Ingram 1910

George Gregory 1789

1803 Southey & Cottle M2.1/1