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Chatterton in Brooke Street

1st June 1770 - 25 August 1770

Age 17 and he Won't reach 18

Lodging with Mrs Angel

Iconic Moment 16

Mr's Angel's House,

Brooke Street

Part of Letter VI from A Hunter of Oddities

Town & Country Magazine June 1770

Chatterton has moved, from the restrictions and lack of privacy of Shoreditch, to his own room at Holborn and, more to the point, he can control what his family in Bristol might be told about his situation - nobody can belie him now, but he has just 12 weeks and 1 day to live.

Brook Street was a somewhat sleazy and run-down area, but now, at last, he had the privacy he craved. The privacy he needed to put pen to paper and bring to light the works filling his head.

It is not known on what date Chatterton moved to Holborn, but I have selected June 1st as  his first day, based on the following: His letter to his mother dated the 14th May, states 'Direct for me, at Mr. Walmsley's, at Shoreditch - only, so at that point in time he had no plans to be anywhere else; The Death of Nicou, was dated Brooke-Street, 12th June - a date in-between the two dates seems reasonable enough.

Chatterton's Works - Brooke Street, Holborn

1 June 1770 - 24 August 1770

 Around 75 Works to Consider.

 39 Authentic Works;

28 Of Doubtful Authenticity;

8 Wrongly Attributed.

 Authentic Works (39)

Letter 6, A Hunter of Oddities

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

Maria Friendless Letter

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

Exhibition of Sign Paintings at the West End of Town

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

Speech of Sir John de Beauchamp

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

The False Step, a Real History

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

To Miss B-sh, of Bristol

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

The Revenge, A Burletta

Written 1770. Pub. 1795

A Bacchanalian sung by Mr Reinhold

Written 1770. Pub. 1795?/1803

A Bacchanalian

Written 1770. Pub. 1795?/1803

The Virgin's Choice

Written 1770. Pub. 1795?/1803

The Happy Pair

Written 1770. Pub. 1795?/1803

Betsy of the Hill

Written 1770. Pub. 1784/1795

A Burlesque Cantata

Written 1770. Pub. 1784

Burletta. The Woman of Spirit

Written 1770. Pub. 1784

To Thomas Cary, 1st July 1770

Written 1770. Pub. 1837/1842

An Excelente Balade of Charitie

Written 1770. Pub. 1777/1803

Memoirs of a Sad Dog

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

An African Song

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

Menenius. To William Lord M--d

Written 1770. Pub. 1770

Decimus. To Dr. Newton Bishop of Bristol

Written 1770. Published (partial) 1930/1971

The Happy Pair. A Tale

Written 1770. Pub. 1771


Written 1770. Pub. 1770

Colin Instructed

Written 1770. Pub. 1784

To John Rudhall and Baster, n.d

Written 1770. Pub. 1803

To a Friend on his Intended Marriage

Written 1770. Pub. 1803

The Resignation

Written 1770. Pub. 1780

From an Unknown Girl, n.d. The Letter Paraphras'd

Written 1770. Pub. 1856 (letter) / 1933 (paraphrase).

To William Smith n.d.

Written 1770. Pub. 1803

 Up For Debate (28)

Works of Doubtful Authenticity

Brooke Street, Holborn

 Lost Works (?) 

 Works Wrongly Attributed (8)

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