Panel C11

Iconic Moment No. 13

Chatterton Meets the Editors

Age: 17, Lodging with Mrs Ballance, Shoreditch

hogarth 1736 coffee shop london.jpg

It is now Thursday 26th April, 1770, and it seems that Chatterton arrived in London early enough to visit four magazine editors: Mr Edmunds of the Middlesex Journal; Mr Fell of  the Freeholder's Magazine; Mr Hamilton of the Town and Country Magazine; and Mr Dodsley of the Annual Register, all mentioned in his letter home to his mother (the same letter as in the previous panel).  The fact that he managed to visit them all on the same day as his arrival in London is amazing and shows that his was now a driven personality. 

The other image is of Tom King's Coffee House (Morning) by Hogarth, drawn in the 1730s. It gives a sense of what Chatterton had to look forward to when visiting some of the coffee shops in London.


There have been claims that Hogarth sketched Chatterton (The Distrest Poet) but this is impossible as he was dead and gone by 1764.  The image above is intriguing; it shows a young man with a book under his arm,  heading for the entrance of the coffee house.

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