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Iconic Moment No. 3   

3 August 1760

Colston's Hospital School

Delight and Disappointment

Age: 7-14 years

Colston School The Great House cropped.j

Colston's Great House,

On St Augustine's Back, Bristol

The Imposing Building Used as the School.


In the eighth year of his life

 Must have been Full of Enthusiasm

When on Sunday the 3rd of August 1760

He started his first day at Colston's School

His Enthusiasm was to be Cut Short

When he found that the Education Offered

Was basic in the extreme


He also found that the freedom he was used to

Was Lost

The moment he stepped into the building.

He once exclaimed

That he could learn more at home from books

-Which is OK providing you have books!

No known Chatterton works

Before Colston's Hospital School.

According to D.S. Taylor

Chatterton, in his 7 years at Colston's,

Wrote only three 'authentic' works.

Chatterton's Works at Colston's

   3 August 1760 to 30 June 1767.

Twenty-two works to consider During

His 6 years & 11 months at Colston's

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 Authentic Works (3)

Open to Debate (5)

Lost Works (2)

1. Paraphrases of Job ix and Isaiah; 

2. Satiric Lines on a Schoolmaster [...Low]

Works Wrongly Attributed  (2)

1. Twelve pieces to view [...wwac]

colston boy badge museum.jpg

A Colston's Schoolboy

The Traditional Uniform

Included a Dolphin on a Brass Badge


Silver Badges were Introduced in 1776

Thanks to the Gift of John Purrier

An old boy of the school (1743-1751

It was worn on special occasions only


It Seems that not Everyone

Disliked Colston's

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Apostate Will 

  Written 1764 - Published 1780

Age: 11-12, Colston's School

Appostate Will Catcott B5342.jpg
Apostte Will Croft 1.jpg

Apostate Will is one of Chatterton's earliest works.

Written in 1764 but not published until 1780, when Herbert Croft included it in his book Love and Madness. According to Croft, the original Chatterton manuscript was in the possession of Sarah Chatterton, the poet's mother.  The Croft transcript of Apostate Will is preferred by Taylor.

The original Chatterton manuscript is missing? 


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Sly Dick


A Hymn for Christmas Day     

Written 1764 - Published 1803

Age: 12, Colston's School

a Hymn for Christm day a.jpg

Both the above, written in 1764, are taken  from the three volume 1803, edition of Chatterton's works.

We await copies of the originals from Houghton Harvard Library who own the manuscripts.


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Iconic Moment  No. 4   

On The Last Epiphany (WODA)

Chatterton's First Time in Print

Age: 10, Colston's School

Epiphany 5 small.JPG
last epiphany 2b.JPG
Epiphany 2a.JPG

We have to make do with the first printing of On the last Epiphany, or CHRIST coming to JUDGEMENT, because no manuscript is known to exist. It was printed in Felix Farley's Bristol Journal, on the 8th January 1763, when Chatterton was just 10 years old.

It was first claimed as Chatterton's work by William Tyson in 1837, and is accepted as such by Meyerstein.

It is listed in 'Works of Doubtful Authenticity' by Donald S. Taylor.

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