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Canynges Coffer

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North Porch St Mary Redcliffe


The North Porch of

St Mary Redcliffe Church

Is a Large Hexagonal Room

Once Known as the Treasury House

Now Known as Chatterton's Room

It Still Holds the Iron-bound Coffer

Which Contained Ancient Archives

Belonging to SMR Church


This is Where Chatterton Claimed

To Have Found the

Rowley Manuscripts.

A Montage by .Q.

It Pictures

For the First Time

The Famous Meeting

Of  Three Great Minds

George Catcott, Samuel Johnson

& James Boswell.

The New Bristol Bridge 1768

Can be seen in the 'engraving'

On the wall behind Catcott

Time Line 1752 - 1770

Trace Chatterton's

Life & Works via

Iconic Moments

Imagine his Emotions

As he Strives to Make his Way in Bristol

Read his Personal Correspondence 

And his Poetry and Prose

 Watch as he Creates and Populates

A Medieval World

Join him on his Fateful Trip

To Shoreditch

And Witness his Demise

In a Rough Garret

In Brooke Street.

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The Chatterton Family Bible 

(Panel C1)

First Sample of Chatterton's Handwriting? 

1752 - 1758

Records Chatterton's Birth 20th November 1752

Iconic Moment No. 1 

(Panel C2)

 'Paint me an Angel with a Trumpet

To Blow my Name About'

Portraits of Chatterton 

(Panel C3)

Engravings - Paintings - Sketches - Descriptions

Iconic Moment No. 2 

(Panel C4)

Expelled from School for Being Too Dull


Iconic Moments No. 3 & 4 

(Panel C5)

No. 3: Colston's Hospital School

Delight & Disappointment

3 August 1760 to 30 June 1767.

No. 4: First Published Work?

On the Last Epiphany

Iconic Moment No. 5 

(Panel C6)

Chatterton's Confirmation

St Mary Redcliffe Church 1762-64

A Tall Tail & a Secret Message 

(Panel C7)

Chatterton Creating his Rowley Manuscripts

Iconic Moments Nos. 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 

(Panel C8)

No. 6: Apprentice Scrivener

at Lambert's Office

3 July 1767 - 23 April 1770

No. 7: The Mayor's First Passing

Over the Old Bridge

Nos. 8 & 9: Chatterton Writes to

Horace Walpole

Accepted then Rejected.  1769

No. 10: Chatterton's Mock Will

April 14th 1770

Iconic Moment No. 11 

(Panel C9)

Chatterton and the Gingerbread

April 21st 1770

Iconic Moment No. 12 

(Panel C10)

Chatterton Coach Trip to London

April 24th 1770

Iconic Moment No. 13 

(Panel C11)

Chatterton Meets the Editors

April 25/26th 1770

Iconic Moments Nos. 14 & 15 

(Panel C12)

No. 14: Chatterton in Shoreditch

April 25th to 31st May 1770

No. 15: Meets William Beckford

Lord Mayor of London

Iconic Moments Nos. 16 & 17 


No. 16: Chatterton in Brooke Street

June 1st to 25th August 1770

No. 17: The Revenge, A Burletta

Sold for 5 Guineas

Iconic Moment No. 18 

(Panel 16)

The Death of Chatterton

24th / 25th August 1770

Opium Stained Pocket Book 

(Panel 17)

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