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Introduction to the Manuscript Section

North Porch St Mary Redcliffe

Over The North Porch of

St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol

Is a Large Hexagonal Room

Once Known as the Treasury House

Or the Muniment Room,

Now Known as Chatterton's Room.

It Still Holds the Iron-bound Coffer

Which Contained Ancient Archives

Belonging to the Church.

This is Where Chatterton Claimed

To Have Found the

Rowley Manuscripts.

A Montage by .Q.

It Pictures

For the Very First Time

The Famous Meeting

Of  Three Great Minds

George Catcott, Samuel Johnson

& James Boswell.

The New Bristol Bridge 1768

Can be seen in the 'engraving'

On the wall behind Catcott

Chatterton via

Iconic Moments

Time Line 1752 - 1770

Watch as Chatterton Strives

To Make his Way in Bristol

Read his Correspondence 

& his Poetry and Prose

 Look on in Amazement

As he Creates and Populates

A Medieval World

Join him on his Fateful Trip

To Shoreditch

Witness his Demise

In a Rough Garret

In Brooke Street, London

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