George Symes Catcott

30/01/1739 - 19/11/1802

Rowley's Nursemade

George Symes Catcott played a hugely important part in the Chatterton story. He is, in fact, the major reason Chatterton became known to a wider audience.

George wrote a lot about Chatterton and transcribed his works over and again; this was not an altruistic endeavour, for he was actually maintaining a trade in transcriptions of Chatterton's works - good on you George! 

One of George's dearest wishes was to be remembered in after-times, so if it hasn't already been granted, he will get his wish in ways he could not possibly have imagined.


To fulfill George's wishes, all of his known manuscripts, his  letters and transcripts etc., will be shown here.  I will also add, when time allows, my own transcripts of some of his works, which will facilitate ease of reading, research & search.

This page is definitely 'under construction.'  This is because the task is a little onerous and time consuming, but strangely enjoyable at the same time. 

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