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Chatterton and the Gingerbread

Iconic Moment No. 11

Age:17, Upper Gate, Redcliffe Church


It was on the steps of St Mary Redcliffe, on Saturday 21st April 1770, that Chatterton famously distributed gingerbread to his friends and the local children, and was given the money his friends had collected to help sustain him on his fateful trip to London.  Where did Chatterton get the gingerbread?  Was it donated by his friend John Kator, whose father was a confectioner?


The engraving is from John Britton's History of Redcliffe church, an important little book published in 1813, which contains some first printings of Chatterton's works.


The steps to the left of the church enter the North Porch, and a winding set of steps within the porch lead up to the famous muniment room.

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