Panel C511

Bristows Tragedy or

The Death of Sr Charles Bawdin

Written 1768 - Published 1772

Age: 15, Colston's School

Bristows Tragedy or the Death of Sir Charles Bawdin

The manuscript, 

Is difficult to read

I have made adjustments

 To make it clearer

One of Chatterton's

Most Famous Works.

Written when he was not quite 16! 

The experts agree

The work

Is Chatterton's

The problem

Is the handwriting

Bristol Library

Has it as Chatterton's

Meyerstein accepts it as such

Taylor is sure that it is not!

A Nice Little Conundrum!

  The Manuscript Project

Allows us to compare this MS.

With the many other MSS.

Uploaded to the Project


Note: When Using a Quill

A Difference in the Cut

Or Ink Flow

Affects the handwriting

Panel C512

Antiquities Book 3rd

Written 1768

Containing the Following

The Battle of Hastings

Published 1777

Craishes Herauldry

Published 1971

The Unknown Knight or

The Tournament

Published 1784

Special Note and Heads Up! 

Some Lottery Funds

Allocated for 

Chatterton's Commemoration

Could be Used

To Preserve Fragile

 Chatterton related Manuscripts.

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