Linda Kelly: No mention of the house situation

Wilson has that shortly after his birth the family moved opposite the upper gate Redcliffe, where Sarah opened a dame school. The new master in 1752 was Mr Chard, but Mr Love took over in 1757.

Chat went to Pyle street school in 1957, when 5 years old.

Mr Love was Chatt's first teacher, but rejected him as a dull boy.

Wilson has Pyle not Pile, and Redcliffe not Redcliff.

Wilcox has Pyle.

Derivative but accurately so.


The Canynge Family 1854

Has Redcliffe and Pyle

Herbert Croft

Sates Chatt's father was sexton of SMR.

He says that Chatt's father died shortly after if not beforee Chatt was Born. p.128

He has Redcliffe

Din't know Lambert's name

He disparages Catcott and Barrett and sarcastically says Catcott gave the immense sum of £5; and Barrett cured the whitlowed finger of his sister at no charge.

P.143 Mary's letter to Croft - this is the origin of much basic information


Born in a house on redcliff hill behind the shop now occupied by Mr Hasell, grocer (book published 1837.

At age 5 went to school under Mr Love (says he was Master after Chatt;s Dad).

Sent back to mum as a stupid boy incapable of learning.

He uses Pyle as per Gregory, but both spellings of Redcliffe but mostly Redcliff.

Page 7 living in  a house nearly opposite the upper church gate, at the corner of Colston's parade.

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