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All Lost Works

(according to D.S.Taylor)

Approximating to Chronological Order

Cross referenced to Taylor's Works of Chatterton

Example:  TP789 = Taylor Page 789

Paraphrases of Job ix and Isaiah

1: 1765  TP768

Satiric Lines on a Schoolmaster

2: 1767  TP768

Letter to a Schoolmaster

3: 1767  TP769

Ode to Lais

4: 1768  TP769

Antiquities - Book 1st & 2nd

5: 1768?  TP769

Letter from Horace Walpole

6: 1st April 1769  TP770

A Manx Tragedy

7: 1769?  TP772

Ode to Duke Harry

8: 1770  TP772

To Isaac Fell,

9: 10 March 1770​  TP773

To Michael Clayfield

10: 1770  TP773

Fragment of a Comedy or Farce

11: 1770  TP773

A Briton. To Lord North.

The Moderator No. 1.

Probus. To the Earl of Bute.

Decimus. To the King.

Probus. 2d to the Lord Mayor.

Decimus (or Probus). To C. Jenkinson.

The Moderator. To Lord North.

12: 1770  TP774

To Thomas Cary, 25th June 

13: 1770   TP776

To George Catcott

14: 10 July 1770  TP776

An Oratorio

15: 1770  TP777

The Dowager. A Tragedy

16: 1770   TP777

To Sarah Chatterton

17: 20th August 1770?  TP778

To William Barrett

18: August 1770?   TP778

The Flight.

19: 1770  TP779

Elegy or Soliloquy of a Man in His Cell

20: 1770  TP779

To Martha Catcott - Rose of Virginity

21: Unknown Date  TP779

To [Thomas Cary?]

22: Unknown Date   TP780

A History of Portbury

23: Unknown Date  TP780

Auntyaunte Coynes with the Hystoryee of Furste Coyninge by the Sexonne.

Historie of See and Church of Durham. Lyfe of Byghtrycus 


[Annalles from King Byghtrycus to Byghtrickus the Erle.]


Finyshynge of Turgotte toe the Reygnen of Esward the [Fourth]

24: Unknown  TP781

Justyce of the Peece

25: Unknown  TP781

[Dramatic Poem on

Sir Charles Bawden.]

26: Unknown  TP782

[Verses to Miss Clark.]

27: Unknown   TP782

Letter on Canynge

28: Unknown  TP783

Chatterton Family Parchment

29: Unknown  TP783

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