The Colston's Hospital School Years

3 August 1760 - 30 June 1767

Delight and Disappointment

Iconic Moment No. 3

Age: 7-14

Colston School The Great House cropped.j

Colston's Great House,

On St Augustine's Back, Bristol

Became Colston's School.


In the eighth year of his life

 Was Full of Enthusiasm

Then on Sunday the 3rd of August 1760

Came his first day at Colston's School

His Enthusiasm was to be Cut Short

When he found that the Education Offered

Was basic in the extreme


He also found that he lost his freedom

The moment he stepped into the School

He once exclaimed

That he could learn more at home from books

- Which is OK if you have access to books!

colston boy badge museum.jpg

A Colston's Schoolboy

The Traditional Uniform

Included a Dolphin on a Brass Badge

Silver Badges were Introduced in 1776

Thanks to the Gift of John Purrier

An old boy of the school (1743-1751

It was worn on special occasions only

It Seems that not Everyone

Disliked Colston's

Chatterton's Works at Colston's

3 August 1760 to 30 June 1767.

Twenty-two works to consider

During Chatterton's

6 years & 11 months at Colston's.

3 Authentic Works; 5 Doubtful;

2 Lost; 12 Wrongly Attributed.

There are no known works

by Chatterton

Before  he attended Colston's Hospital School.

According to D.S. Taylor

Chatterton, in his 7 years at Colston's,

Wrote only three 'authentic' works.

Taylor has been the foremost authority on Chatterton since before publication of his indispensable The Complete Works of Thomas Chatterton in 1971. 

If you know anything of the career of the Murderer and Forger, Mark Hofmann, you will know that everything can be forged and everyone can be fooled!

This is why we must reconsider

Works of Doubtful Authenticity


Nuff Said!

 Authentic Works (3)

Works of Doubtful Authenticity?

(Works to be Considered 5)

Not much to see here at present - . Held up by the Pandemic and waiting for Bristol Library to reopen in order to obtain images of the First Printings of the works on this page - in Felix Farley's Bristol Journal.

On the Last Epiphany, or Christ Coming to Judgement

Written 1763 - Published 1763      TP1138

The Churchwarden and the Apparition

Written 1764  - Published 1764   TP1139A

I've let my Yard, and sold my Clay

Written 1764- Published 1764  TP1139B

Letter from Fullford, the Grave-digger

Written 1764 - Published 1764   TP1139C

Custom. A Satire

Written 1766 - Published 1766  TP1140

Lost Works (2)

Works Wrongly Attributed

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