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Elegy Beckford (WODA)


Chatterton's Age: 17

Dwelling/Location: Brook Street, Holborn, London

Printed in Felix Farley's Bristol Journal, 8th January 1763, when Chatterton was 10 years old.

It was first claimed as Chatterton's work by William Tyson in 1837, and is accepted as such by Meyerstein, but has been listed in WODA 'Works of Doubtful Authenticity' by Donald S. Taylor.

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Letters Home

Letters Home to friends and famil think about this

Letters to catcott and barrett - decided ---all to be listed when they were written

The Revenge deserves an article by itself. It was printed by Honest Tom King - see October 1827 Gents Mag online. Re found in Cheesemongers proving the earlier publication was true.

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An unremarked benefactor donates Sholto V Hare's collection of Chattertoniana to Bristol Museum?  see Rowles

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Kator the Confectioner

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Some Rowleyite's claimed that the detailed knowledge in the Rowlean works could not have been known to a poor boy like Chatterton, and this helps to prove the works are genuine and that Chatterton was not the author.

It is said, however, that a specific engraving of St Mary Redcliffe, dated 1745, hung on a wall in a house of a friend of Chatterton's. The father of his friend was a confectioner, named Kator.

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1947 they discovered that it was a laudanum stain on the pocket book.

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