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Edward Harry William Meyerstein 

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Ms. title page of Meyerstein's A Life of Thomas Chatterton

Meyerstein's MS. of this wonderful book was written on the recto pages of what looks like a standard, school exercise book, with additional notes on the verso of many of the pages.


He gifted the Ms. to Bristol Library. The first button below contains the letters to and from the chief librarian James Ross, offering and accepting the gift.

Meyerstein also gifted an Ms. copy to the British library, which I haven't seen, but I hazard a guess that it is the original working document. If anyone local to the BL can get images of a few pages, recto and verso, and including the title page, that would probably resolve the question. I have added a button below in anticipation of the arrival of the images of the BL copy.

It took 853 photographs to capture the Ms. in full, and not until I was finished (after many, many, many hours of collation and preparation) could I see that it had nothing new to add to the printed edition.

However, I felt that I owed it to Meyerstein to display it on this website. I have presented it, further down the page, as a host of buttons, offering either a section or a chapter of the book. 

Meyerstein's handwriting is quite difficult to read, so I recommend reading the printed edition instead, which, although it is quite a rare book, is usually available in libraries, on Abebooks or, if you are a member of the elite academic classes, you should be able to read it online for free.

Manuscript:  A Life of Thomas Chatterton

Edward Harry William Meyerstein 

Meyerstein's Ms. of the Copy at the British Library - still waiting

Meyerstein's letter gifting his Ms. to Bristol Library

Titles, Acknowledgements, Contents, Introductions

Chapter 1: Name, Parentage, Birth

Chapter 2: Environment

Chapter 3: Infancy

Chapter 4: Colston's

Chapter 5: Early Verses

Chapter 6: The Blank Years

Chapter 7: Lambert's

Chapter 8: Girls

Chapter 9: The Bridge and the Parchments

Chapter 10: Barrett, George Catcott, and Henry Burgum

Chapter 11: Thomas Rowley

Chapter 12: Dodsley and Walpole

Chapter 13: Elegies

Chapter 14: Religion and the Temple Vicar

Chapter 15: Breaking Away

Chapter 16: Shoreditch and Liberty

Chapter 17: Brooke Street

Chapter 18: Suicide

Chapter 19: Years of Controversy

Chapter 20: Fame


List of Manuscripts: 

Index & Illustrations

(none in the Ms. so have included a copy from the printed edition)