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Temporary Page. Some links are basic and will be updated soon.

This page contains direct links to all online editions of works by or about Chatterton, some of which might be regarded as tenuous. It is a delight to hold and read an antiquarian book, especially an association copy. However, it is also convenient to read them online for free. To this end I have gathered links to all of the Chatterton editions, as well as any editions that throw light on the subject. Read on or scroll further down the page to see the huge number of links.


The beauty of the Chatterton story is that it is about so much more than just Chatterton. It is full of other lives, is multifaceted, and reaches down the years with its influence spreading to touch many other people and places on the way. Flit away you butterfly you, and the story will lead you down many different tracks; “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—, I took the one less travelled by…” but wait, thanks to the internet you can travel many roads at the same time.

My aim here is to produce a wide-ranging chronological resource, where publications etc., can have their relevance or veracity reviewed and commented on by members of the Thomas Chatterton Society or, indeed, anyone interested in the subject.  


When a relevant comment is made regarding a particular item, it will be uploaded to the review page, and if the reviews/comments on a single specific publication becomes too large, then a further link will take it to its own dedicated review page.

For your delectation, and to start the project off, the links below will take you to some of the many online editions of Chatterton related books, mostly via The Internet Archive;  Google Books; and Project Gutenberg, which are brilliant resources that allow us to read or search an entire edition, FREE OF CHARGE.  But do bear in mind that if you get a ‘not found’ return when you search for a particular word, it doesn’t mean that the word is not in the book; this is because the letter recognition software is not infallible, it will sometimes, for example, read ‘Cat for Oat’ etc. I guess this might be because the print is not uniform in ink density, or the typeface is currently beyond its programming.

 The Internet Archive is open to everyone, and if you become a member you will be able to create your own lists of books, and you are free to correct any errors you find. However, do bear in mind that the details of the books online are entered by humans, so there are often errors with dates, editors, publishers etc., and finding a particular edition can sometimes be time consuming.  For this reason I have checked the entries for each edition shown below, and I have made changes to the online versions where necessary – enjoy! And if you find any of my own human errors do let me know.

The idea with the following list is that it is more or less chronological and will take you to the correct edition, saving much time.


So, to make it work, do the following:

Click the highlighted link to the particular edition.

Date Published : Link to Book : Editor / Author :  Title :  Basic Notes

1708:   Link to Book  : John Kersey:  Dictionarium Anglo-Britannicum: Or, A General English Dictionary……..Hard Words… : Meyerstein, page 107, states that ‘All the hard words in ‘Description of the Mayor’s first Passing over the Old Bridge..’ are in Kersey, except the few that he lists on the page (currently the link to page 107 is basic with no pages yet – but you get the idea).

1717:   Link to Book : Alexander Stopford Catcott : The Court of Love,  a Vision from Chaucer :  Chatterton must have read this -  compare to his acknowledged works.

1738:   Link to Book  : Elizabeth Cooper:  The Historical and Poetical Medley: or, Muses Library…:

1740:   Link to Book  : Laurence Clarke:  A Compleat History of the Holy Bible, Contained in the Old ….: Temporary basic link with no pages

1741:   Link to Book  : Elizabeth Cooper:  Muses Library; or, a Series of English Poetry…:

1759:   Link to Book  : A.S.Catcott : The Universal Magazine:  First published his poem Psalm 104 paraphrased – influenced Chatterton.

1761:   Link to Book : A. Catcott: A Treatise on the Deluge – influenced Chatterton, and contains Psalm 104 paraphrased.  2nd Edition 1768: Link to Book

(As an aside, a previous owner of my copy of the 1768 edition of A Treatise on the Deluge, was Reverend Philip Homan, died 1848. He owned Shurock house, now a ruin.

1763:   Link to Book  : Nathaniel Bailey:  An Universal Etymological English dictionary;…Derivations of…words…Ancient British, Saxon…:    *

1769:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton: Town & Country Magazine, some first printings of Chatterton’s poems etc.:  This one is Ethelgar A Saxon Poem by D.B (Dunhelmus Bristoliensis, is a Chaterton Nom de plume). There are around 10 of Chattertons works in this 1769 edition.

1769:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton: Town & Country Magazine, some first printings of Chatterton’s poems etc.:  This one is The Copernican System by D.B (Dunhelmus Bristoliensis, is a Chatterton Nom de plume). Remarkable that they placed this poem about the Solar SyStem on page 666, the number of the Beast. There are around 10 of Chattertons works in this 1769 edition.

1770:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton: Town & Country Magazine, some first printings of Chatterton’s poems etc.:  This one is called Elegy, by C. [we know it as Elegy 3]; Printed May 20th 1770, when Chatterton was living in Shoreditch, London. The poem starts: Why blooms the radiance of the morning sky. My favourite lines are:

  • I dare the danger of the mould'ring wall,

  • Nor heed the arch that totters o'er my head:

  • O! quickly may the friendly ruin fall,

  • Release me of my love, and strike me dead.

1770:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton:  An Elegy on the Much Lamented DEATH of William Beckford…:  Temporary basic link with no pages. *

1770:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton:  The Auction a Poem: A Familiar Epistle to a Friend…………:  Temporary basic link with no pages.

1770:   Link to Book :  Weather for England 1770

1771:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton: Town & Country Magazine, some first printings of Chatterton’s poems etc.:    * Contains in the January section, p46, A Song, by Celadon (see Taylor p345); also on p70, A Hunter of Oddities?   Also, a piece possibly by Thistlethwaite, starting, ' O Heavens!  What a piece of work! Bristol is in such a terrible fermentation.....may walk the streets in the darkest nights by the light of each other's noses.  Signed: A Bristolian; ‘

1772:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton: Town & Country Magazine, some first printings of Chatterton’s poems etc.: *

1772:   Link to Book : Thomas Chatterton: Thomas Eagles, ed.:  The Execution of Sir Charles Bawdin:  Temporary basic link with no pages.  Thomas Eagles is also in the subscribers list in Barrett’s 1789 History of Bristol.  Thomas Eagles is the father of

THEMANINTHEMOON, the Rev. John Eagles, see 1826 below.

1773:   Link to Book  : Thomas Chatterton:  Town & Country Magazine : *

1775:   Link to Book  : James Thistlethwaite:  The Consultation in Four Cantos…Dedicatory to Burgum: *

1775:   Link to Book  : Anon v Thistlethwaite: The Retaliation or, …….; A Poem… Answer to a Late Scurrilous Publication Entitled The Consultation :

1776:   Link to Book  : George Catcott:   A Descriptive Account of a Descent Made into Penpark-Hole…..:  Temporary basic link with no pages. *

1776:   Link to Book  : James Thistlethwaite:  The Prediction of Liberty :

1777:   Link to Book  : James Thistlethwaite: The Child of Misfortune; or, The History of Mrs Gilbert Volume 2:

1777:   Link to Book : Thomas Tyrwhitt:  Poems, Supposed to Have Been written at Bristol by Thomas Rowley and Others….: 1st edition   *

1777:   Link to Book : Thomas Tyrwhitt:  Poems, Supposed to Have Been written at Bristol by Thomas Rowley and Others…..: 2nd edition  *

1778:   Link to Book : Thomas Tyrwhitt:  Poems, Supposed to Have Been written at Bristol by Thomas Rowley and Others…..: 3rd edition   *

1778:   Link to Book : John Broughton:  Miscellanies in Prose and Verse : Taylor states that 17 of the works in the miscellanies are of doubtful authenticity.*

1778:   Link to Book : Thomas Warton, ed : The History of English Poetry : Poems Under the Name of Thomas Rowley. Supposed to be Spurious p139 :

 1779:   Link to Book : Henry Dampier: Remarks upon the Eight Section…..Warton’s History of English Poetry. : * Dampier was Sheriff of Bristol in 1737 and 1751, Mayor of Bristol in 1755. He writes defending Rowley as the author. My copy has no date, and the author is not named. Warren states ‘Henry Dampier’ and 1779, but The Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature, Volume 2, 1834, states surname only with a question mark ‘Dampier?’ and a publication date of 1780. Dampier’s book is not available online, so the link I’ve given will take you to the Bibliographer’s Manual, until such time as we can upload my copy of the book.

1780:   Link to Book : Herbert Croft:  Love and Madness; A Story Too True….:    *

1781:   Link to Book : Jacob Bryant:  Observations upon the Poems of Thomas Rowley…..:  *

1782:   Link to Book : Jeremiah Milles: Poems Supposed to Have Been Written at Bristol……The Antiquity….Considered…Defended:   *

1782:   Link to Book : William Mason:  An Archaeological Epistle…to Jeremiah Milles…:  1st edition; Author is in question, it might be John Baynes *

1782:   No Link……….: William Mason:  Title same as above…:  2nd edition corrected. Larger paper copy same size as Milles to allow it to be bound with it. *

1782:   Link to Book  : Thomas Warton :  An Enquiry Into the Authenticity of the Poems Attributed to Thomas Rowley…:

1782:   Link to Book  : Anon……………….: An Examination of the Poems Attributed to Thomas Rowley. With..defence ..of  Mr. Warton:

1782:   Link to Book  : George Hardinge : Rowley and Chatterton in the Shades, or , Nugae Antiquae et Novae. A new Elysian Interlude, In Prose and Verse.: *

1782:   Link to Book  : Thomas Tyrwhitt : A vindication of the Appendix to the Poems called Rowley's: in reply to Dean of Exeter, Jacob Bryant….:

1782:   Link to Book  : Rayner Hickford : Observations on the Poems Attributed to Rowley, Tending to Prove that They Were Really Written by Him..:

1782:   Link to Book  : Vicesimus Knox :  ‘On The Poems Attributed to Rowley,’ In Essays Moral and Literary :  (1782 is correct bu.t the link is to the 1792 edition)

1784:   Link to Book : Richard Jenkins: The Ode, Songs, Choruses, &c. for the Concert in Commemoration of Chatterton

1784:   Link to Book : Thomas J. Mathias : An essay on the evidence, external and internal, relating to the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley and others.

1784:   Link to Book : John Broughton :  A Supplement to The Miscellanies of Thomas Chatterton: According to Warren, this edition ‘seems to have been printed almost entirely from manuscripts in Chatterton’s hand and is of textual importance, especially as regards those manuscripts no longer extant. George Catcott may have had a hand in this publication.’

1785:   Link to Book : Ann Yearsley:  Poems on Several Occasions:  Chatterton mentioned in one note only.

1788:   No Link………:  George Hardinge : The Genius of Chatterton, an Irregular Ode Written on the Supposition of his being…:

1789:   Link to Book (without engravings): William Barrett: The History and Antiquities of The City of Bristol……: (Alternative version with engravings but stops at page 351:  Link to Book by Barrett)  *

1789:   Link to Book : George Gregory:  The Life of Thomas Chatterton: *

1789:   Link to Book : Gentleman’s Magazine : Remarks Upon and Some Additions to the Life of Chatterton….: *

1794:   Link to Book : Lancelot Sharp:  Poems, Supposed To Have Been Written at Bristol ….:  Includes Coleridge’s Monody. (Also an edition in 1799). *

1794:   No Link…….. : John Roach:  Roach’s Beauties of the Poets of Great Britain :  ‘The Mynstrelles Songe in Aella….By Thomas Chatterton.’ P50, No. XIV.  *

1795:   Link to Book : Thomas Chatterton: The Revenge, A Bureletta; Acted at Marybone Gardens , MDCCLXX.   with Additional Songs :   *

1795:   Link to Book : Robert Anderson:  The Works of the British Poets……Volume 11 :  *

1797:   No Link………: The Monthly Visitor and Entertaining Pocket Companion. Earliest publication of a spurious portrait of Chatterton.  Currently a multi volume set of this edition is available on Abe, I offered to buy the book with the image in but the seller refused to split them.

1798:   Link to Book : Edward Gardner : Miscellanies in Prose and Verse : Temporary basic link with no pages : *

1799:   Link to Vol 1 : Horace Walpole :  Walpoliana :  anecdotes, etc., includes mention of Chatterton in Vol 1. Link to Vol 2.  *

1803:   Link to Book : Cottle & Southey:  The Works Of Thomas Chatterton. Volume  1 :     *

1803:   Link to Book : Cottle & Southey:  The Works Of Thomas Chatterton. Volume 2 :      *

1803:   Link to Book : Cottle & Southey:  The Works Of Thomas Chatterton. Volume 3 :      *

1803:   Link to Book : William-Henry Ireland:  Rhapsodies:  *

1805:   Link to Book : William-Henry Ireland:  The Confessions of William –Henry Ireland:   *

1806:   Link to Book : John Davis: The Life of Thomas Chatterton : Temporary basic link with no pages : *

1809:   Link to Book : John Sherwen:  ….an Examination of Some Part of the Internal Evidence, Respecting the Antiquity…..:

1810:    Link to Book : Alexander Chalmers :  The Life of Thomas Chatterton (poems also).

1813:   Link to book : John Britton:  Historical & Architectural Essay.. Redcliffe Church….Essay on the Life..of Thomas Chatterton: *

1818:   Link to book : Nicholls & Taylor:  Bristol Past and Present. VOL.II.- Ecclesiastical History. Section on Chatterton and some line drawings.

1819:   Link to Book : Anon…………:  The Biographical Magazine Containing Portraits of Eminent and Ingenious Persons of Every Age & Nation : The portrait used is the ‘goggle eyed’ image of Chatterton mentioned in Meyerstein from 1794?

THOMAS CHATTERTON [1752-1770] Poet.  TITLE: Engraved Portrait of Chatterton. Head and Shoulders, oval, by William Holl the elder [1771Ð1838].

PRICE:GBP£10.00 (about USD$15.70) BOOK ID:RG00-RGW15412  QUANTITY:1

Publisher:Published by Effingham Wilson and Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1819. Image 2in x 1.5in. Sheet size 9in x 5.5in

Published by Effingham Wilson and Sherwood, Neely & Jones, 1819. Image 2in x 1.5in. Sheet size 9in x 5.5in

Stipple engraving, from Biographical Magazine, fine delicate portrait with biographical information in letterpress below.

1821: Link to Book : Samuel Seyer : Memoirs Topographical of Bristol. Chatterton  / Rowley mentioned from pp ix, vi, 163, 263, 277, 370, 392, 394, 395, 396, vi,

1826: Link to Book : John Eagles : Rhymes in Latin and English by THEMANINTHEMOON : * Poem mentions Chatterton p. 128; and Rowley page 90, ; Engraving the pennant far right of the illustration has, ‘To the Memory of Chatterton & of all other Sons of Genius.’ Note on my own copy: Nathan Cooper Branwhite a Bristol artist, painted John Eagles, and Richard Smith surgeon, he also painted the spurious image of Chatterton which fronted Dix’s life of Chatterton (Ingram has Branwhite as the  engraver but he is clearly shown as Delin on the plate, instead R. Woodman was the engraver), see links in Chatterton bookmark.

1829:   Link to Book : Joseph Cottle : Malvern Hills…..: ‘On Chatterton and The Rowleian Controversy.’ : In the fourth edition only, pages 382 -432. Also, an Epitaph for a Proposed Monument to Chatterton…Page 169.

1837:   Link to Book : John Dix: The Life of Thomas Chatterton………:  1st edition *

1838:   Link to Book  : Richard Smith: Anecdotes of Chatterton and his Associates.:  Letter in The Gentleman’s Magazine for December 1838.

1838:   Link to Book  : Charle Vincent Le Grice : Chatterton and Bailey’s Dictionary :  Letter in The Gentleman’s Magazine for August 1838.

1842:   Link to Book : C.B.Willcox:  The Poetical Works of Thomas Chatterton…………Volume 1 :   *

1842:   Link to Book : C.B.Willcox:  The Poetical Works of Thomas Chatterton…………Volume 2 :    *

1844:   Link to Book : L.M.S……….:  Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction. The Grave of Chatterton: A Poem. Page 379.  Article and engravings of St Mary Redcliffe, page 365.

1845: Link to Book : John Dix: Pen and Ink Sketches

1851:   Link to Book : John Dix: The Life of Thomas Chatterton………  : 2nd edition *

1853:   Link to Book : Mrs S.C.Hall:  Pilgrimages to English Shrines…..: Contains sketches of Chatterton sites: Colston’s School, Bristol Bridge, Chatterton’s Birth-place, Chatterton as Doorkeeper, Lambert’s Offices, The Tomb of Canynge, Muniment Room, Canynge’s House, Chatterton’s Cenotaph.

1853:   Link to Book : J.M.Gutch : Notes and Queries Chatterton inquest (apparently the ‘inquest document was given to him by Dix????

1854:  Link to Book : George Pryce :  Memorials of the Canynges Family; Westbury College. Redcliffe Church & Thomas Chatterton:    *

1857:   Link to Book : Maitland : Review of his Essay on Chatterton, page 73 onwards

1857:   Link to Book : W. Moy Thomas :  Inquest on Chatterton, page 1518

1857:   Link to Book :  Mrs. J. C. Harris:  Our Weekly Gossip in Atheneum – includes Chatterton page 151

1857:   Link to Book :  E. Thornton :  Chatterton Localities in London page 1594. E, Thornton lives at 6 Brook Street.

1858:   Link to Book : George Pryce : Fact Versus Fiction….A Descent….Bristol History….

1858:   Link to Book  : : Page 114 The Inquest on Chatterton re John Dix.  See

1861:  No Link……… : George Pryce : A Popular History of Bristol.

1863:  Link to Book : Robert Willmott :  English Sacred Poetry…..:  see page 189 for Chatterton’s  ‘The Resignation.’

1864:  Link to Book : Washington Frothingham :  Aatheos; or the Tragedies of Unbelief:

1869:  Link to Book : Daniel Wilson :  Chatterton, A Biographical Study:   *

1874:   Link to Book : William–Henry Ireland:  The Confessions of William –Henry Ireland, new edition with extra facsimiles  :

1875:  Link to Book : Walter Skeat & Edward Bell :  The Poetical Works of Thomas Chatterton….memoir by E. Bell: Volume 1    *

1875:  Link to Book : Walter Skeat & Edward Bell : The Poetical Works of Thomas Chatterton….memoir  E. Bell: Volume 2, this is the 1883 edition *

1876:  Link to Book : Daniel Wise :  Vanquished Victors; or Sketches of Distinguished Men…….. :

1883:  Link to Book : William George : New Facts Relating to The Chatterton Family…from..entries in a…bible.. :  *

1884: No Link……….: Bristol Mercury :

1887:  Link to Book : Charles Kent : The Dictionary of National Biography. Starts page 143. See 2004 for most recent DNB.

1888:  Link to Book : William George : …Chatterton and the Vicar of Temple Church…The Poets Acct of.. “Knightes Templaries Chyrche:  *

1888:  Link to Book : William George :  same as above:  Large paper copy *

1892:  Link to Book : Emma Marshall :  Bristol Bells. A Story of the Eighteenth Century : A Novel of Chatterton’s life. A delightful and evocative read *

1894:  Link to Book : Richard Johnston:  Thomas Chatterton (Great Men and Famous Women)..:   *

1895:  Link to Book : Gilbert Burgess: The Love Letters of Mr. H. [Hackman] & Miss R….With an appendix on Thomas Chatterton :

1896:  Link to Book : Ruggero Leoncavallo: Dramma Lirico in tre Atti, tratto dal dramma di A.De Vigny:  originally written 1876

1897: Link to Book : Henry Harrisse: The date of Cabot's discovery of the American continent, and an alleged forgery of Chatterton.

1897:  Link to Book : Henry Harrisse: The Discovery of North America by John Cabot….ship’s name ‘Matthew’ a Forgery of Chatterton. Note: According to Ian Wilson, in his The Columbus Myth, p94, a mid-sixteenth-century Bristol chronicle called Cabot's ship the Matthew. He goes on to say that the Bristol custom records for 1503-4, preserved in the Public Record Office, London as E.122/199, 1. Account, 19-20 Hen. VII.  Mentions it too- more research to be done here.: Link to Book

1898: Link to Book  : Robert Steele : The Rowley Poems of Thomas Chatterton, 2 volumes.  Limited edition 210 copies.

1899:  Link to Book : Henry Beers:  A History of English Romanticism in the Eighteenth Century:

1899:  Link to Book : John D. Barry : Julia Marlowe (Biography) : According to the biography, Ernest Lacy wrote the play ‘Chatterton’ for Julia.

1900:  Link to Book : Ernest Lacy :  Plays and Sonnets: A one act play ‘Chatterton.’ Portrait of Julia Marlowe as Chatterton. *

1906:  Link to Book : Henry D. Roberts : The Complete Works of Thomas Chatterton.  2 volumes. Publisher: Routledge. *

1907:  Link to Book : Stanley Hutton : Bristol and its Famous Associations: Facsimile of Chatterton’s ‘will.’ *

1908:  Link to Book : Charles Edward Russell: Thomas Chatterton, The Marvelous Boy…:  *

1910:  Link to Book : Ernest Lacy:  The Bard of Mary Redcliffe:

1910:  Link to Book : John Ingram: The True Chatterton. A New Study from Original Documents :* Excellent illustrations; including photographs of Chatterton’s School and House before demolition of the school, and portraits of Burgum, Catcott, Barrett, Walpole, and Croft.

1914:  Link to Book : Hyett & Bazeley:  Chattertoniana………….:

1917:  Link to Book : G. Munro Smith: A History of the Bristol Royal Infirmary:

1922:  Link to Book : John Pritchard :Transactions of the Bristol & Gloucester Archaeological Society: New Chatterton Discoveries

1930:  Link to Book : E.H.W.Meyerstein:  A Life of Thomas Chatterton :     : Temporary basic link no pages.  *

1943:  Link to Title  : Neil Bell : Cover His Face : A novel of Chatterton’s life *

1952:  No Link………: Louis Filler : Chatterton by Ernest Lacy : Intro and biographical sketch by Louis Filler. See link 1900 for this play. *

1953:  Link to Title : Rayne Kruger : Young Villain with Wings. A Novel (based on Chatterton) : Rayne was married to Prue Leith.  *

1955:  Link to Title  : Neil Bell : My Writing Life : autobiography; includes remarks on his novel and conversations with Meyerstein: ‘The title Cover His Face was taken from Webster's tragedy The Duchess of Malfi: "Cover her face; mine eyes dazzle; she died young." When I told Meyerstein he said he abominated misquotations and suggested as a title Cut is the  Branch…..’

1962:  Link to Book : James A. Williamson : The Cabot Voyages and Bristol Discovery under Henry VII:  This, the 1962 edition, updates the edition from 1929 with new documents discovered in Spanish archives. Page 201 contains a transcript of references to the name of Cabot's ship. What role did Chatterton have in naming the ship Matthew, and in the production of the mysterious Fust manuscript? Link to Research on Fust MS

1970:  Link to Book : Anon:  Playscript of Aella by University of Houston 1970 :    : Still to find a copy

1975:  Link to Book : Thomas Burnet Swann : The Not-World. A fantasy novel with Chatterton as the main character.

1984:  No Link………: Roberto Sanesi : De l’excelente ballata de la charità…: (from David Gascoyne’s library)*

2004:  Link to Book : Nick Groom : Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.  You will need to log in with your library card etc. See 1887 for earlier DNB.

2013:  Link to Book : City of Bristol:  PDF with information on Chatterton

Gentleman’s Magazine:

1783:  Link to Title  : Sylvanus Urban : Gentleman’s Magazine.

1901: Link to Book : H. Masse  :  The Cathedral Church of Bristol.

1853: Link to Book : Memoirs Illustrative of The History and Antiquities of Bristol, and The Western Counties of Great Britain; with some other communications,

Recent: by Jonathan Barry, mentions William Seward in his book:

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