Panel M5

There is No Need To Sign-up

To Join, To Enrol

 To Enlist, Become a member

Form a committee, Have a Meeting


Form a Quorum.

In fact, nothing formal is required.

 It matters not who you are

Or where you live.

It matters only that you have the Desire

To be part of the Project.

The Desire to Research & Investigate

A Truly Remarkable Individual

A working-class poet

Chatterton, the Bristowyan. 

To the success of the project;

One way to Collaborate:

Photograph Manuscripts

Or Artifacts Local to You

I use an Apple iPhone

In 2021 I will List Locations

Of Manuscripts

 Blog or Email



In the meantime take a look at

A Chattertonian Riddle.

The Manuscript in Question

(sample below)

Was sold by a top Auction House

They listed it as 18th century

By an unknown hand

Now that's a Challenge Hard to Resist

And waiting to be solved!

Transcript Chatterton Poems

The works are clearly Chatterton's

But who is the Scribe?

This is Just the trailer

You will be able to Read

The interesting story behind

the creation of the manuscript

Soon, I promise.

George Catcott had a role in the story

Which is no Surprise!

Heads Up! 

Please use the blog to discuss the Project

A Question does not indicate a belief!

It might just indicate an Open Mind!

IMG_4210 (4).JPG

The Muniment Room, Redcliffe Church

From the novel Bristol Bells by Emma Marshall

Angels trumpetting Chatterton's Name around the world