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A Bit of a Puzzle?

Not sure how this section will develop, but lets go for it; each of the following panels will contain a genuine document, sometimes without a question; in this case the document itself or what it contains is the question. It will definitely help if you've delved into the Project's website or have read a wide range of books about Chatterton and his works.

Puzzle One

Orton Smith's Life of Chatterton


Upload my photographs of Orton Smiths MSS when I have them


Puzzle Two

Early MS Transcription

Determine who wrote this document

A Songe to Ella

Never before available to view online. 

The whole of the volume including Ella & other transcripts of Chatterton's works, handwritten by an unknown scribe before 1772, will be uploaded here by 20 Feb 2022. 

Early Transcript Songe to Ella


Puzzle Three

An MS item held by

Bristol Reference Library

Examine it - Use the Internet

Solve the Unknown Puzzle

Transcript Chatterton Poems

The works are clearly Chatterton's
But who is the Scribe?

George Catcott had a role in the story
Which is no Surprise!

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