A Bit of a Puzzle?

Not sure how this section will develop, but lets go for it; each of the following panels will contain a genuine document, sometimes without a question; in this case the document itself or what it contains is the question. It will definitely help if you've delved into the Project's website or have read a wide range of books about Chatterton and his works.

Puzzle One

Orton Smith's Life of Chatterton

Panel M91

Upload my photographs of Orton Smiths MSS when I have them

Panel M92

Puzzle Two

Early MS Transcription

Determine who wrote this document

Panel M93

Puzzle Three

An MS item held by

Bristol Reference Library

Examine it - Use the Internet

Solve the Unknown Puzzle

Transcript Chatterton Poems

The works are clearly Chatterton's

But who is the Scribe?

George Catcott had a role in the story

Which is no Surprise!