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M1 M2 All Biographies (of a substantial form). 

M2  M21, All Biographies (Links to Panel M211, M212, and Online Biographies).

M21 M211, Southey, Cottle, Gregory, 1803  Online Biography, Gregory, 1803.

M21 M212, A Life of Chatterton, Meyerstein, 1910  View MS. via my Google Docs.

M21 Link: Love and Madness, Croft, 1780 & 1786

M21 Link: The Life of Thomas Chatterton, Gregory, 1789

M21▶ Link: Original Poems.....Chatterton, Gardener, 1798 (no link)

M21 Link: Life & Works of Chatterton, Southey, Cottle, Gregory, 1803

M21 Link: The Life of Chatterton, John Davis, 1806

M21 Link: The Life of Chatterton, Dix, 1837

M21 Link: The Poetical Works, with Notices of his life,  1842

M21 Link: Pen and Ink Sketches - Chatterton, Dix, 1845

M21 Link: The Life of Chatterton, Dix, 1851

M21 Link: Inedited Memoranda Relating to Chatterton, Pryce, 1854

M21 Link: Chatterton a Biographical Study, Daniel Wilson,1869

M21 Link: A Story of the Year 1770, David Mason, 1874

M21 Link: Chatterton, Hutton, 1907

M21 Link: Thomas Chatterton, The Marvellous Boy, Russell,1909

M21 Link: The True Life of Chatterton, Ingram, 1910

M21 Link: Chatterton and his Poetry, Ingram, 1916

M21 Link: Thomas Chatterton, The Marvelous Boy, 1930

M21 Link: The Marvellous Boy, Ernst Penzoldt, 1931

M21 Link: The Family Romance of the Poet Impostor-Poet Kaplan, 1988


M1  M22 Bibliographies

M22  Link: Hyett & Bazeley, A Bibliographer's Manual, Chattertoniana 1897

M22  Link: Hyett & Bazeley, Chattertoniana 1914 (no link)

M22  Link: T. Chatterton, 1752-1770, An Annotated Bibliography. Jean C. Rowles A.L.A, 1981

M22  Link: A Descriptive and  Annotated Bibliography of T. Chatterton, Murray Warren, 1977

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M1  M4 Chatterton, Walpole, & Tom the Church Cat

M1  M5 The Project needs You. Photographing MS.

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CCM  C1 The Chatterton Family Bible

C1  Link to The Bible MS. (Google Docs)

C1  Link to New Facts by William George (Google Docs)

C1  C2 Paint Me an Angel (Anecdote)

No Links

C1  C3 Portraits of Chatterton

C2  Link to Sewards Description of Chatterton (

C1  C4 Expelled from Pile Street School

No Links

Works Wrongly Attributed  (12)

C1  C6 Confirmation at St Mary Redcliffe

No Links yet

C1  C7 Creating the Rowley Manuscripts - Paintings and Engravings

No Links yet

C1  C8 Apprenticeship at Lamberts

C8  Chattertons Indentures MS. (Google Docs)

Chatterton at Lambert's

Phase Three

Authentic Works

(68+ Walpole Correspondence)

1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Horace Walpole Correspondence

Open to Debate (8) (woda)

1. A Card (in flux)

2. On the Death of a Friend Mr Holland (in flux)

3. A hunter of Oddities 1 (in flux)

4. A hunter of Oddities 2 (in flux)

5. A hunter of Oddities 3 (in flux)

6. A Bacchanalian (in flux)

7. A hunter of Oddities 4 (in flux)

8. A hunter of Oddities 5 (in flux)

Lost Works (6)

1. From Horace Walpole  (in flux)

2. A Manks Tragedy (in flux)

3. Ode to Duke Harry (in flux

4. To Isaac Fell, 10 Mar 1770 (in flux)

5. To Michael Clayfield 1770 (in flux)

6. Fragment of a Comedy or Farce (in flux)

Works Wrongly Attributed  (5)

Still to add C81, 82, 83, 84.85

C1  C10 Coach Trip to London

C10 Link Letter to Sarah

C1  C11 Chatterton in Shoreditch

Also consider C111 WORKS

Chatterton in Shoreditch

 Authentic Works (??)

To Sarah Chatterton 26 April [...view]
The Candidates
* Narva and Mored. An African Eclogue 2 May [...C12-1]
The Exhibition. A Personal Satire
A Song. Addressed to Miss C----am
To Sarah Chatterton, Cary et al 6 May 
To the Society at Spring Garden 
Decimus. To the Earl of H-------h
Decimus. To the P----- D----- of W-----,
To Sarah Chatterton  14 May 
Decimus. To the Prime Minster,
Libertas. A Card. To Old Slyboots,

Decimus. An Exhibition of Sign Paintings,
* Probus to the Lord Mayor [...C12-2]
* Elegy 3, to Maria [...C12-3]
Decimus. To the Freeholders of the City of Bristol
To Mary Chatterton 30 May 

Open to Debate (2) (woda)

1. Lines on Happiness

2.The Prophecy

Lost Works (3)

A Briton. To Lord North.

The Moderator No. 1.

Probus. To the Eark of Bute.

Decimus. To the King.

Probus. 2d to the Lord Mayor.

Decimus (or Probus). To C. Jenkinson.

The Moderator. To Lord North.

Other Lost Works Unknown Date.

Works Wrongly Attributed  (0)

Dick and Dolly, A Pastoral (in flux)

Other Lost Works Unknown Date (in flux)

C1  C12 Chatterton in Brooke Street

Also consider C121 WORKS

Chatterton in Brooke Street


 Authentic Works (??)

1.  The Death of Nicou, an African Eclogue

2.  Letter 6 from A Hunter of Oddities

3.  Maria Friendless Letter

4.  Exhibition of Sign Paintings,

      at the West End of the      Town

5.  To Mary Chatterton, 19, 29 June 1770

6.  Speech of Sir John de Beauchamp

7.  The False Step, a Real History

8.  To Miss B-----sh, of Bristol

9.  The Revenge, A Burletta

10.  A Bacchanalian sung by Mr. Reinhold

11.  The Invitation to be sung by Mrs. Barthelemon               and by Master Cheney

12.  A Bacchanalian

13.  The Virgin's Choice

14.  The Happy Pair

15.  Betsy of the Hill

16.  A Burlesque Cantata

17.   Burletta. The Woman of Spirit

18.  To Thomas Cary, 1st July 1770

19.  Genuine Copy of a Letter from the

        Earl of C---------d to the Hon. Mr. C----

20.  An Excelente Balade of Charitie

21.   To Sarah Chatterton, 8 July 1770

22.   To Mary Chatterton, 11 July 1770

23.To Mary Chatterton, 20 July 1770

The Art of Puffing by a Bookseller's Journeyman

Memoirs of a Sad Dog

An African Song

Menenius. To William Lord M-----d

From George Catcott, 12 August 1770

Decimus. To Dr. Newton Bishop of Bristol

The Happy Pair. A Tale


Colin Instructed

To John Rudhall and Baster, n.d

Impromtu on the Immortality of the Soul

To a Friend on His Intended Marriage

The Resignation

From an Unknown Girl, n.d. The Letter Paraphras'd (Panel C15-4)

To William Smith, n.d.

Open to Debate (1) (woda)

1. Anecdote of Lord Ch---d

2. An Elegy on the Much Lamented

Death of William Beckford, Esq.

3. Anecdote on Judge Jeffries;

4. The Polite Avertiser

5. Old Bailey Intelligence

6. The Last Verses Written by Chatterton

And 23 other items

Includes items printed after the death of Chatterton, and items of unknown date.

Lost Works (8)

To Thomas Cary 25 June 70.

To George Catcott 10 July 70.

An Oratorio.

The Dowager. A Tragedy.

To Sarah Chatterton 20? Aug 70.

To William Barrett Aug? 70.

The Flight.

Elegy or Soliloquy of a Man in His Cell.

Other Lost Works Unknown Date.

Works Wrongly Attributed  (8)

Eight items (in flux)

C1  C13 The Death of Chatterton