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Jean C. Rowles A.L.A

Thomas Chatterton, 1752-1770. An Annotated Bibliography

Presented as separate chapters for ease of reference.

All done, but four pages missing -  in hand.

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Section A

Complete Works:

Eg. 3 volumes 1803 Works

Section B

Collected Poems:

Eg.  Tyrwhitt 1777, Complete Poems

Section C

Selected Works

Section D

Single Works:

Alphabetical List

Section E


Section F


Section G

Rowely Controversy

Section H

Literary Criticism

Section I


Section J

Works of Imagination

Section K

Memorials, Anniversaries, etc.

Section L

Chatterton's Manuscripts,

History of Collections

Section M


Appendix 1


Manuscripts in Chatterton's Hand

Appendix 2

Related Manuscripts

Appendix 3


Collections of Editions Chattertoniana

Index A - Z

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