Chatterton's Authentic Works


Colston's Hospital School

3 August 1760 to 30 June 1767

 There are no known works by Chatterton before  he attended Colston's Hospital School and, according to Donald S. Taylor, Chatterton wrote only three 'authentic' works  during his seven years at Colston's.

There are also Works of 'Doubtful Authenticity'; Works 'Wrongly Attributed'; and 'Lost' Works to consider - view the list at the foot of the page.

Note: Each piece of work is coded as follows: Work number/Page number referenced to Taylor's Works of Chatterton : date written / date published.  Example: 1/Tp812/ : 1768/ : 1904/

Authentic Works

Apostate Will 

1Tp810 : 1764 : 1780

Sly Dick

2Tp811 : 1764 : 1803

A Hymn for Christmas Day

3Tp811 : 1764 : 1803

On the Last Epiphany, or Christ Coming to Judgement

4Tp688 : 1763 : 1763 

(Listed in 'Doubtful Authenticity' too, as Taylor has it).