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Sir Joshua Reynolds-354986 unknown boy.jpg

Is this a portrait of Chatterton as imagined by Joshua Reynolds?

If it is not should we adopt it as such?

If you have any information do let me know.

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Chatterton Timeline

 With Links to his works

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Books & Periodicals

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Key People 

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Poems & Works 

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Note:  If you cannot find a work you need or a link is unpopulated do let me know and I will supply it asap. 

The website works perfectly on all platforms, HOWEVER, the images of manuscripts are best viewed on a Laptop or Desktop


 - All Correspondence  - Chronological  View


 - with Sarah & Mary Chatterton   :  View waiting

 - with George Symes Catcott  :  View


 - with James Dodsley  :  View


 - with Horace Walpole  :  View

Portraits & Media

Portraits  :  View 

The Death of Chatterton, various artists  :  View

Paint me an Angel  :  View

Henrietta Ward - Painting  :  View

Morris - Painting  :  View

Memorials  :  View

Video, TV, Film, Radio  :  View

Theatre  :  View

Podcasts, Readings, Music  :  View

Essays on Chatterton  :  View


Acknowledgements  :  View 

Contact Form  :  View

The menu is growing exponentially - yes, some obvious links are missing but will be added in due course - this is definitely & defiantly a work in progress. This project is at least ten years in the making - so far!

Books and Periodicals
Manuscripts - Quick Access
The Works
Key People
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Portraits & Media
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