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All Works Wrongly Attributed to Chatterton?

*Up for Reconsideration*

Approximating to Chronological Order

Cross referenced to Taylor's Works of Chatterton

Example:  TP789 = Taylor Page 789

Translation of the 7th Ode of the Fourth Book of Horace

1. FFBJ 1st October 1763

A Dialogue between War and Peace

2. FFBJ  5 February 1763

Letter from Peele to Marlowe

3. The Theatrical Review 1763

An Epistle from the Moon to the Earth

4. FFBJ  7 April 1764

Anecdote Taken from the Original Low Dutch

5. FFBJ 11 April 1764

A Morning Hymn

6. FFBJ 2 June 1764

Epigram. On the Majority and Minority

7. FFBJ  4 August 1764

The Origin of Surnames

8. FFBJ 25 August 1764

An Exhibition of Polite Arts: By Mr Ram's Eye

9. FFBJ 26 May 1764

Reason and Fashion

10. FFBJ 27 October 1764

The Retreat

11. Gospel Magazine March 1766

A Night Piece o Death

12. FFBJ 55 April 1766  TP802 (Not Chatterton)

The Cuckow Traveller: An Original Fable

13. Felix Farley's Bristol Journal Dec 1768. TP792

Poor Richard's Maxims

14. Oxford Magazine December 1768. TP803C

The Auction. A Poem

London Magazine 1769. Annual Register 1769. 

15. George Kearsly 1770.  TP789

Probus. On Sir George Colebrooke

16. Public Advertiser  April 1770: TP804

Exhibition of Pictures, Models, Statues etc., 

17. Boddeley's Bath Journal May 1769.  TP796

Eleonora and Juga. By S.W.A. aged 16

18. Town & Country Magazine June 1769.  TP794

A Letter from a Gentleman at London to his Friend....

19. Town & Country Magazine Oct 1769.   TP800

Baron Otranto and Mrs, Heidelburgh

20. Town & Country Magazine Dec 1769.  TP790

Dick and Dolly:  A Pastoral

21. Boddeley's Bath Journal May 1770.  TP793

Alonzo to Celia

22. T&CM July 1770.  TP788

The Lamentation of Liberty and Britannia, on the Death of the Right Honourable William Beckford, Esq.

23. Bingley's Journal July 28th 1770.  TP799

Mock Will of William Beckford

24. Boddeley's Bath Journal July 1770.  TP801

To Mary Chatterton, 23rd July 1770.

25. Dix forgery. (Ms letter BPL) Unpublished - TP807

Humorous Effects by Cross-reading the Newspapers.

26. Evening Post Aug 21st 1770.  TP798

(An untitled Exhibition)

27. General Evening Post 28/7/1770.  TP808

A Remarkable Account of a Converted Jew

28. Freeholders Magazine Aug 1770.  TP805

The Last Will and Testament of Matthew Moonshine,

Prisoner in the Fleet.

29. General Evening Post 15/9/1770.   TP799

The Catskin Brothers

30. Town & Country Magazine June 1771  - TP791

Civis. On the Antiquity of the Bow

31. Town & Country Magazine Dec 1770  TP791


32. Robinson's Lady's Magazine 14th Jan 1771 T792


33. To be checked as no date  TP793 (not Chatterton)

An Epigram

34. Notes & Queries (possible Dix hoax) 1938  TP794

An Epitaph on an Old Maid

35. To be checked  confusing (poss Dix hoax) TP795

The Gallery and School of Nature: a Vision.

36. To be checked confusing  (poss Dix hoax) TP797

George Catgut. The Ambitious Knight of the Spit...

37. Gents Museum, & Grand Imp. Mag. March 1771  TP798

Love and Beauty...(See: On Mercy; To a Young Lady)

38. (Not Chatterton) TP801

Metrical Epistle from Chatterton, the Poet, to a Lady

39. European Magazine Feb 1804  TP801

On Mercy

40. (See love and Beauty above)  TP802

On Modern Fribblism

41. Town & Country Magazine  Supp 1770   TP803

Probus. To the Right Hon. the Earl of Dartmouth

42. Political Register Oct 1772  TP804

Sonnet, Supposed to be Written by Chatterton

43. Gentleman's Magazine June 1786  TP806

Suicide Note

44.  N&Q's Feb 1853  TP806

To a Young Lady

45. (See On Mercy, above) To be checked  TP806

Will Hell-Hot

46. Town & Country Magazine Supp 1771  TP808

Wortigerne, A Playe (Not Chatterton)

47. Monthly Magazine 1800  TP808

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