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All manuscripts photographed at Bristol Reference Library are published by permission of Bristol Libraries. 

All manuscripts photographed at Bristol Archives are published by permission of Bristol Archives.

I owe a debt of thanks to all of the Bristol librarians who helped me locate documents and for permission to include them in the project. 

Bristol Museum: I live in the hope that they will one day respond to my request to view and photograph Chatterton related items for this project.

Books and Periodicals: all as mentioned in the website.

Mr Ellis Genge, Rugby player, Old Redcliffian, plays for England, a true Bristolian. Acknowledged for giving us all a really good laugh with his 'Sausage' comment during a television interview.

Finally, I hardly need to add that everything I write is derived from reading what someone else has written, and then sorting the wheat from the chaff, and there has certainly been no shortage of chaff!

Oh! and thanks to Melody Gardot for a line from one of her songs - It's a Simple Thing; We Don't Need a Ring!

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