Panel M62

'Portraits of Chatterton'

Engravings - Paintings - Sketches - Descriptions


Thomas Chatterton? 1837


Thomas Chatterton?

Christie's 2005


Thomas Chatterton? 1797

Although there are no known

Authentic paintings or engravings

We do have a handy description

By William Seward

Does it point to an image

Which Matches the Description?

There are lots of Fanciful Images

I show just six of them in this panel:

The infamous & Horrible

'Goggle Eyes' Image in the Oval

From The Monthly Visitor in 1797

Is it picking up on the claim that

Chatterton had eyes that blazed?

The most infamous Image of them all

Red Jacketed Baby Face Chatterton

Used by Dix for his 1837 edition

The Life of Thomas Chatterton

Note the similarities with 'Goggle Eyes'

Claims and Counter Claims:

 Man Wearing a Voluminous jacket

An Unknown Painting

Let's call it Chatterton

  'Chatterton' at Christie's in 2005


Thomas Chatterton? 1837


Thomas Chatterton?

Thomas Chatterton?

I Choose Red-Jacketed Chatterton

Poor Chatterton is now less Abstract:

This is his 'Shakespeare Bust.'

It has also been chosen because it

"Persists as a Popular Representation of the Poet."

The words in 'hooks' are the words of

Mr Hake, a past Keeper of the

National Portrait Gallery.

If you choose to investigate this subject

Do keep us informed of your discoveries!