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Bishop Thomas Newton

1 Jan 1704 – 14 Feb 1782

Bishop of Bristol 1761 to 1782.

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Note from QE! : 

Bishop Newton is a project for another day. In the meantime here's a link to his Wiki page:  Bishop Newton

Chatterton, using the pen name Decimus, wrote this piece for publication in 1770, but it was rejected; it seems that the power of the church prevailed. It was finally published by Meyerstein in 1930, and Taylor in 1971.  

Here for your enjoyment is the original manuscript, online for the first time. It is suffering a little with the age that's in it, so feel free to click the link and read my transcript   :  View

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On my list of things to do!


He edited Milton's works into three volumes : View


As a parting shot wrote his autobiography in two huge volumes.

(I am the 'proud' owner of a set - and yes Chatterton gets a mention)

(I am surprised he found the time to save souls)

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