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Two Phases

Phase One: Bristol

Phase Two: London

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Phase Two: London

5/01/1769  -  3/04/1770

To:  Sarah Chatterton and others, 6 May, 1770 - TP1083

For Mr. Thomas Cary; Henry Kator; Mrs Baker; 

Mr Mason; Mr Mat Mease; 

Tell-- Mr Thaire; Mr Rudhall; Mr Ward; Mr Gaster;

Mr Thomas; Mr Kator; Mr A. Broughton; Mr Carty;

Mr Smith, &c, &c, &c.; Mr J Broughton; Mr Hanmer;

Mr Williams; Mr Vaughan; to read the Freeholders Magazine. Mr Thaire must expect a Packet soon-.

Address:  Mrs. Sarah Chatterton, Redclift Hill Bristol