Chatterton's Correspondence


Friends and Family

5th January 1769 - 12th August 1770

The last dated letter 12th August? Too unlikely that Chatterton failed to write a letter to any member of his family after the 12th August.

Last letter to his mother 8th July, last to his sister 20th July, but he writes to George Catcott on the 8th and 12th August - this makes no sense!

From:  John Baker, 5 January 1769

From:  John Baker, 18 February 1769

To:  John Baker, 6 March, 1769

To:  Mr Stephens, 20 July, 1769

To:  William Barrett, Feb or March 1770

From:  Esther Saunders, 3 April, 1770

To:  Sarah Chatterton, 26th April 1770

To:  Sarah Chatterton and others Cary etc, 6 May, 1770

To:  Mary Chatterton, 19, 29 June, 1770

To:  Thomas Cary, 1 July 1770

To:  Sarah Chatterton, 8 July 1770

To:  Mary Chatterton,11 July, 1770

To:  Mary Chatterton  20 July 1770

From:  George Catcott, 8 August 1770

To:  George Catcott, 12 August 1770

To:  John Rudhall and Baster, no date

From:  an unknown girl

The letter paraphrased?

To:  William Smith, no date.

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