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William Barrett

1733 - 1789

Introduction & Contents

William Barrett Bristol museum.jpg

A fine painting of William Barrett

by Jan van Rymsdyk

William was 31 when he sat for his portrait.

William Barrett (along with George Symes Catcott) played a central roll in the Chatterton story. 

Discover more about William Barrett via the links below: 

The First Historians of Bristol

A small pamphlet from The Bristol Branch of the Historical Association.

Biographies & Works of Thomas Chatterton

A link to multiple editions of biographies of Chatterton, which usually contain a wealth of detail about William Barrett.

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William Barrett

His Works & Correspondence

Barrett's book is a highly important source, which contains the first printings of a number of Chatterton's works.

The book has 704 pages of which around 123 contain either Chatterton's works or references to Chatterton - I have gathered the 123 pages to the link above and added additional, interesting formation.


In my eyes it also contains insights into the thinking of both Barrett and, perhaps, the development of Chatterton.

The above link gives you the choice to view the 123 pages or go directly to Barrett's 704 pages online.

Correspondence with George Symes Catcott

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