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Chatterton's Apprenticeship

As a Scrivener at Lambert's

3rd July 1767 - 14th April 1770

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The Apprenticeship, which had lasted 

Two Years, 9 Months, 13 Days,

Was cancelled on the 14th April 1770

When Lambert Found Chatterton's 'Will'

On the Office Desk.

During his time in Lambert's Office

 Chatterton wrote 100+ of his own works

All are listed below.

Corn Street, Bristol 

Corne Street (these days it is known as Corn St) is shown on Millerd's map from 'F' to 'E.'

The Old Bristol Bridge can be seen at the bottom of the map, complete with houses and workshops. The replacement, in 1768, of such an important bridge was a major event in Bristol and inspired Chatterton to write what became his first published Rowlean Work.


Bristol Bridge in Olden Times 

Bristol Bridge Rebuilt 1768

The New Bridge 1768 

On the 1st of October 1768 an anonymous article appeared in:

 Felix Farley's Bristol Journal.

'The Mayor's First Passing Over the Old Bridge

Taken from an Old Manuscript'


Dunhelmus Bristoliensis*

It was a momentous occasion for Chatterton.

The First time in Print of one of his Rowlean Works.

*One of Chatterton's Pen Names.

1794 edition of Chatterton's Poems, annotated with MS. Description of the Mayor's first passing over the old bridge

18th century manuscript copy of a Description of the Mayor's first Passing over the old bridge, tipped into my copy of the 1794 edition of Rowley's Poems.

1794 edition of Chatterton's Poems, annotated with MS. Description of the Mayor's first passing over the old bridge

The Article Created Quite a Stir.

It was to bring Chatterton, Catcott, & Barrett, the main players in the Chatterton Rowley Story, together for the first time.

George Symes Catcott

Thomas Chatterton

William Barrett Bristol museum.jpg

William Barrett

It was the catalyst that would affect their lives more than they could have imagined. 

When they first met, Chatterton was not yet 16,  Barrett was 35, & Catcott was 39

The big question is;

How much of a role did they individually (or jointly) play in the creation,

Development and afterlife of the Rowley phenomenon?

Read more on this subject: Biographies of Chatterton

Chatterton's Last Will and Testamentat, Catcott Transcript

Chatterton's Last  Will & Testament


Chatterton's last action at Lambert's was to engineer his exit by producing a mock Last Will and Testament. His plan worked perfectly and he was summarily dismissed on or about the 14th April 1770. He was now free to make his own way in the world.

Read More on this.......

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Chatterton's Works at Lambert's

Shown in Three Phases 

Phase One

First 18 months at Lambert's

3 July 1767 - 30 Sept 1768:

Chatterton Wrote These Works

While still An Unknown Boy

Amongst Unknown Boys

They Remained Unpublished

Until After He Died!

 A Total of 15 Works to Consider

During this Period.

Eleven are Authentic. 

One is of Doubtful Authenticity;

Three are Lost

Click a Title to View an Ms.

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 Authentic Works (11)

Phase One

Where Woodbines Hang their Dewy Heads

Writ 1768 - Published 1904  TP812

Ynn auntient Dayes, When Kenewalchyn Kynge

Writ 1768 - Published 1784  TP817

A Broder of Orderys Whyte

Writ 1768 - Published 1803   TP818

A Broder of Orderys Blacke

Writ 1768 - Published 1930   TP819

In the Merry Merye Vale

Writ 1768 - Published 1930   TP819

A Brief Account of William Cannings

Onn Oure Ladies Chirch

Writ 1768 -Published 1775  TP840

Works of Doubtful Authenticity

 Up For Debate (1)

Phase One

A Card to John Wilkes, Esq; 

FFBJ 17 Sept 1768  TP1141

 Lost Works (3)

Phase One

 Works Wrongly Attributed (0)

Phase One

Phase Two

Six Month Period at Lambert's

1st October 1768 - 5 April 1769:

From Publication of

The Bridge Narrative

To the day before

Walpole's Letter of  Rejection.


Still at Lambert's

Still an Unpaid Scrivener

Still an Unknown Boy



The Mayor First Passing

Over the Old Bridge

Was published in

Felix Farley's Bristol Journal

1st October 1768


Shortly after Publication

Chatterton was introduced to

 George Catcott & William Barrett 

Now the Die was Cast

The Chatterton / Rowley Saga

Was Set to Run for the

Next 250 years

There are over 90 works

To consider during this period.

90 are Authentic; 

Two are of Doubtful Authenticity; 

Three are Wrongly Attributed.

Click a Title to View an Ms.

 Authentic Works (87)

Phase Two

Songe of Saincte Werburgh

Writ 1768 -Published 1782  TP843

Song of Sayncte Baldwyn 

Writ 1768 -Published 1782   TP843

Rowley's Printing Press

Writ 1768. Published 1782. TP847

Battle of Hastings 2​

Writ 1768. Pub 1782. TP857

Ǽlla: A Tragycal Enterlude, or Discoorsenyge Tragedie.​​

Epistel to Mastre Canynge on Ǽlla

Letter to the Dynge Mastre Canynge

Writ 1768. Pub 1782.  TP923

James Dodsley Correspondence

Writ 1768, 1769. Pub 1813. TP914, TP921

 Authentic Works Continued

Lambert's Apprenticeship

Phase Two

 Yellowe Rolle:

Of the Auntiaunt Forme of Monies.

Englandes Glorye Revyved.

Writ 1768 - Published 1789  TP851

[Purple Rolle]

Explayneals of the Annexed Yellowe Rolle

Writ 1768 -Published 1971  TP855


Writ 1768 -Published 1789  TP861

The Merrie Tricks of Laymyngetowne

Writ 1768 -Published 1782  TP862

[Mass Book Inscription] - Published 1789

Tower Gate - Published 1803

Hardinge - Published 1789

Writ 1768  TP875

Rowley's Collection for Canynge

The Gate of Sayncte Marye

Auntyant Monuments

Three Ancient Monuments

Waterre Gate

Writ 1768 -Published 1789  TP880

Bristol Castle

Writ 1768 -Published 1789  TP882

 Authentic Works Continued

Lambert's Apprenticeshp

Phase Two

Seyncte Maries Chyrche of the Porte

Epitaph on Robert Canynge'

Written 1768 -Published 1777, 1789.  TP885

Four Letters on Warwyke'

Written 1768 -Published 1789  TP887

Nine Deeds and Proclamations

Written 1768 -Published 1803  TP888

Abstracts from Letters

Written 1768 -Published 1782   TP895

Three Rowley Letters

Written 1768 -Published 1803  TP895

The Rolle of Seyncte Bartlemeweis Priorie

Written 1768 -Published 1789  TP903

Fragment of a Sermon

Written 1768 -Published 1777, 1971   TP908

Knightes Templaries Chyrche

Written 1768 -Published 1789, 1971  TP909

Chronical 1340-1374

Written 1768 -Published 1803  TP911

The Chyrche Oratorie of the Calendaryes

Written 1768 -Published 1789  TP912

Three Tombs

Written 1768 -Published 1971  TP912

Note to Map of Bristol

Written 1768 -Published 1922  TP913

Extracts from Speght's Chaucer

Written 1768 -Published 1803, 1971  TP913

To Miss C___,

On Hearing Her Play on the Harpsichord

Written 1768 Published 1813.  TP914

To Mr Powell

Written 1768 -Published 1813  TP915

Nine Hoyland-Clarke Poems

Written 1768 -Published 1784  TP916

Letter from John Baker, 5 January 1769

Written 1769 -Published 1947  TP917

On the Death of Mr. Tandey

Written 1769 - Published 1803  TP917

On Mr. Broderip's Excellent Performance

Written 1769 - Published 1769  TP919

On Mr. Alcock of Bristol

Written 1769 - Published 1769  TP919

 Authentic Works Continued

Phase Two

To Ralph Bigland

Writ 1769 - Published 1787 TP920

Saxon Tincture

Writ 1769 - Published 1769  TP921

From John Baker, 18th February 1769

Writ 1769 - Published 1769  TP922

Lyfe of  W: Canynge

The Worlde

Writ 1769 - Published 1789, 1803  TP935

Elle's Coffin

Writ 1769 - Published 1803  TP938

Rowley's Heraldic Account of

Bristol Artists & Writers

On Fitz Hardynge; 

On Richard 1; 

On Happinenesse;

On Johne a Dalbenie

The Storie of Wyllyam Canynge

Writ 1769 - Published 1777. TP938

Churches of Bristol

Writ 1769 - Published 1789, 1803, 1971. TP944

Fragmentes of Anticquitie

Writ 1769 - Published 1803  TP948

The Court Mantle

Writ 1769 - Published 1769  TP949

Ethelgar. A Saxon Poem

Writ 1769 - Published 1769  TP949

To John Baker, 6th March 1769

Writ1769 - Published 1769  TP950

To the Beauteous Miss Hoyland

Writ1769 - Published 1784  TP951

Painter's Bill to Canynge

Writ 1769 - Published 1803  TP958

Heraudyn. A Fragmente

Writ 1769 - Published 1803  TP959

A Chronycalle of Brystowe

Writ 1769 - Published 1803  TP959

Elegy 1

Writ 1769 - Published 1769  TP961

Works of Doubtful Authenticity

 Up For Debate (2)

Phase Two

The Particulars of a Happy Government

Writ 1768 - Published 1768. TP1141

Extract of a Letter from a Young Gentleman at Plymouth [Definitely in Chatterton's hand]

Writ 1769 - Published 1971. TP1142

 Lost Works (0)

Phase Two

 Works Wrongly Attributed (3)

Phase Two

Phase Three

13 Month Period at Lambert's

6 April 1769 - 23 April 1770:

From Walpole's Rejection

To Chatterton's Last Day in Bristol.

 A Total of 23 Works to Consider

During this Period.

68+ are Authentic; 

Eight are of Doubtful Authenticity;

Six are Lost;

Five are Wrongly Attributed

Click a Title to View an Ms.

 Authentic Works

(68 + Walpole Correspondence)

Phase Three


Writ 1769 - Published 1769

Saxon  Achievements

Writ 1769 - Published 1769


Writ 1769 -Published 1769

Englysh Metamorphosis

Writ 1769 -Published 1777

The Tournament. An Interlude

Writ 1769 - Published l777

The Gouler's Requiem

Writ 1769 - Published 1777

Elinoure and Juga

Writ 1769 -Published 1769

The Acconte of W. Canynges Feast

Writ1769 -Published 1777

Goddwyn. A Tragedie

Writ 1769 -Published 1777

Eclogue the First

Writ 1769 - 1777

Eclogue the Second

Writ 1769 - Published 1777

Eclogue the Third

Writ 1769 - Published 1777

Account of the Family of the De Berghams

Writ 1769 -Published 1803

To Mr. Stephens, 20 July 1769

Writ 1769 -Published 1803

To Mr. Holland

Writ 1769 -Published 1769

'Walpole! I thought not I should ever see'

Writ 1769 -Published 1837


Writ 1769 -Published 1792

Godred Crovan

Writ 1769-Published 1769

Elegy on Mr. Wm. Smith

Writ 1769-Published 1803

Elegy on the Demise of a Great Genius

Writ 1769-Published 1971

Amphitryon. A Burletta

Writ 1769-Published 1782

Hobbinol and Thyrsis

Writ 1769-Published 1910 / 1934 TLS

Journal 6th

Writ 1769-Published 1803

'Intrest thou universal God of Men'

Writ 1769-Published 1803

Elegy, Written at Stanton Drew

Writ 1769-Published 1803


Writ 1769-Published 1803

Elegy to the Memory of

Mr. Thomas Phillips, of Fairford

Writ 1769-Published 1769

Phase Three

 Authentic Works Continued

Elegy - 29 Octr.

Writ 1769-Published 1924

'Hervenis harping on the hackneyd Text'

Writ 1769-Published 1803

Epistle to Clayfield

Writ 1769-Published 1803

The Constabiliad

Writ 1769-Published 1971

Heroic Fragment

Writ 1769-Published 1910 / 1930 / 1971

Elegy 2

Writ 1769-Published 1769

The Hirlas 1

Writ 1769-Published 1769

Happiness. A Poem

Writ 1769-Published 1769 / 1780 / 1803

The Complaint

Written 1769-Published 1769

Antiquity of Christmas Games

Writ 1769-Published 1769

Epistle. To the Revd. Mr. Catcott

Writ 1769-Published 1784

The Defence

Writ 1769-Published 1784

To Miss Lydia C---n

Writ 1769-Published 1803

A New Song

Writ1769-Published 1784

The Articles of the Belief of Me Thomas Chatterton 

Writ 1769-Published 1842

The Advice

Writ 1769-Published 1769

The Hirlas 2

Writ 1770 - Published 1769 Supp.

Astrea Brokage Letter

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

Heccar and Gaira. An African Eclogue

Writ 1770 -Published 1770

The Consuliad

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

Anecdote of Chaucer

Writ 1769-Published 1770

The Unfortunate Fathers

Writ 1770-Published 1770

 Authentic Works Continued

Phase Three


Writ 1770 - Published 1770

The Methodist

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

'If wishing for the mystic Joys of Love'

Writ 1770 - Published 1922

February. An Elegy

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

Decimus. To the Duke of G----n

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

The Whore of Babylon

Writ 1770 - Published 1803

Resignation. A Poem

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

From Isaac Fell, 13 March 1770

Writ 1770 - Published 1940

To William Barrett, Feb or March 1770

Writ 1770 - Published 1789

March. An Elegy

Writ 1770 - Published 1930

Fables for the Court

Writ 1770 - Published 1803

The Hag

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

Decimus. To the Princes of Gotham

Writ 1770 - Published 1770

To Miss Hoyland 5

Writ 1770 - Published 1792

To Miss Hoyland 6

Writ 1770 - Published 1792

Hor. Lib. 1, OD. 19

Writ 1770 - Published 1803

Hor. Lib. 1, OD. 5 

Writ 1770 - Published 1803

Kew Gardens

Writ 1770 - Published 1784 / 1784 etc

Works of Doubtful Authenticity

 Up For Debate (8)

Phase Three

A Card

FFBJ  30 Sept 1769 TP1141

On the Death of my Friend Mr Holland

FFBJ 16 Dec 1769  TP1143

A Hunter of Oddities, letter 1 

T&CM Jan 1770  TP1143

A Hunter of Oddities, letter 2

T&CM Feb 1770   TP1144

A Hunter of Oddities, letter 3

T&CM  March 1770  TP1145

The Bacchanalian

Oxford Magazine April 1770  TP1145

A Hunter of Oddities, letter 4

T&CM  April 1770  TP1146 

A Hunter of Oddities, letter 5

T&CM  May 1770  TP1147

 Lost Works (6)

Phase Three

 Works Wrongly Attributed 

Phase Three

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