Herbert Croft

1751 - 1816

Chatterton in Love & Madness

Herbert Croft Love and Madness 1780

1780 4th edition

herbert croft
Herbert Croft Love and Madness 1786

A Note on the Editions:

Love and Madness, when it comes to Chatterton, is a hugely important book. I have examined all of the editions (apart from the 1st) and can say that they all include 'letters' referring to Chatterton and his works.  

So many editions and so little time! But we will develop this page as time assuredly moves on. 

This is what we think we know at present:


1. Click the edition to view the whole book

2. Click the link next to each edition to view my analysis of the pages with Chatterton content.

1780  1st edition : 

Published in London : Quite rare. No link. Although I have not examined a copy of this edition, I have seen a copy for sale online, where the seller states it includes the Chatterton letters. Click the link to view the book and buy it, if you think £730 is a reasonable price to pay. Still waiting to view a copy in Bristol Library.

1780 A New edition (2nd?):

Published in London : 

1780  (3rd edition?) :

Published in Dublin : Includes 'Memoirs of Miss Ray,' not in the London editions.   

1780 4th edition :

Published in London : 

1786 5th? edition : or Chatterton pages only.

Published in London : Has updates to the 4th, so is preferred as the working document.

1809  ? edition :

Published in Ipswich : No link. A smaller book with less pages than previous editions.