Love and Madness

Fourth Edition 1780, Fifth Edition 1786

Herbert Croft, 1751-1816

Herbert Croft Love and Madness 1780
herbert croft
Herbert Croft Love and Madness 1786

Chatterton references and Letters in Love and Madness 1786

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Page 124: Letter XLVI, James to Martha

p.126, One verse from The Execution of Sir Charles Bawdin.

Page 140: Letter LI, James to Martha:

p.141, Talks about arranging the information he has collected re the Author of Rowley's poems. Has no doubt that Chatterton wrote the whole.

p.143, Details of Chatterton and family (min-bio).

p.144, States that Chatt's father was a schoolmaster and Sexton, and that he died 'very soon after, if not before, the birth of his son.'  Chatterton 'who indisputably received no other education than what he picked up at a charity-school at a place called St Augustine's Back in Bristol. Reading, writing, and accounts, composed the whole circle of sciences which were taught at this university of our Bristol Shakespear.'

On the 1st July, 1767 he was articled clerk to an attorney of Bristol, whom I have not been able to find out.'

 I am sure that elsewhere in this book Croft mentions Lambert's name.

Mentions the Will.

p.144/145, Talks about the Bridge Narrative 

p.146, Chatterton using Latin, Dunhelmus Bristoliensis. Meets Barrett and Catcott. mentions 'ballad of Charitie.'

States that Chatterton only produced two 'orginals' the rest were all 'transcripts.'

p.147, Barrett and Catcott were not generous to Chatterton, Mrs Chatterton received £5, Mary had her whitlowed finger cured by Barrett.

p.149, Mentions Johnson's life of Savage. He was 'addicted to women, like all youths of strong imaginations'

Letter 2:

Letter 3: 

Letter 4:

Letter 5:

Letter 6:

Letter 7:

Letter 8

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