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Various Minor Essays on

 Thomas Chatterton

Henry Giles  :  View

Lectures and Essays (1850). A little iffy with serious errors.

pages 280-289 (

(.QE!.) More to do but currently leaning on my shovel! 

Links to Chatterton's Works & Correspondence

   Call it what you will, authentic, doubtful, lost, or plainly wrong - if it was linked with Chatterton it will be included in Chatterton's Works & Correspondence.  This will be the base point from which we can examine every piece of work, and add notes and links accordingly.  

Authentic Works  : View

Lost Works  :  View                                                

Works of Doubtful Authenticity   :  View

Wrongly Attributed Works   :   View

All Correspondence in Chronological Order  :   View

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