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Now you have to look upon the models of

'Chatterton' shown below

That'll teach you!


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The postcard below troubles me somewhat. 

Is it a real person?

Surely not!

The pose is quite stiff and unnatural

Especially the hands;

No, it's definitely a model.

The postcard clears up any confusion.

Thank goodness for that!


Perhaps someone from Bristol Museum

Could find the model and enlighten us.

The postcard and the Colston Boy model are part of my Chattertoniana collection.

The stone statue is what remains of the Chatterton monument. It sat upon a column near the North Porch of St Mary Redcliffe.  Its history and the controversy surrounding it, will be detailed within the website - in due course.

By the way, the Colston Boy is probably a fraud, a copy - is nothing sacred! 

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