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1 : Authentic Works  &  2 : Lost Works

catcott receipt bill invoice 10 guineas chatterton.JPG
george Catcott chatterton receipt.jpg

The manuscript receipt, shown above, is an example of the difficulties faced when working on 18th century manuscripts. It was written by Chatterton and given to George Catcott, who passed it on to his nephew, the Bristol surgeon, Richard Smith, before it eventually ended up at Bristol Library.   

The Ms. is very difficult to read, which leads me to believe that it has faded further since it was first transcribed, which is partly why the Chatterton Manuscript Project exists. This drove me to seek out a transcript, which I remembered reading in the past; it took me a good while to find it and upload it to this page, direct from page 124 of The True Chatterton by John Ingram - see above  

It is also, at times, difficult to determine what was and what was not written by Chatterton;  for this reason I choose to be guided by a combination of E.H.W. Meyerstein & Donald S. Taylor, but I also refer to all of the writers and publications generated after the publication of the 1777 edition of 'Rowley's' work. It is also important to note that the start of it all should, perhaps, be regarded as the 1st October 1768 with the publication of the first 'Rowley' piece to appear in print : The Mayor's First Passing over the Old Bridge.

Each poem or piece of work is on a light green, white, or yellow background. This is simply to indicate individual items.

The list is fully Searchable via your browser search function, or simply press ctrl+F. 

The works are split into the phases of Chatterton's Life, as follows:


Colston's  -  Lamberts  -  ShoreditchBrooke Street  -  Lost Works

Authentic Works at Colston's

3rd August 1760 - 30th June 1767

Chatterton Family Bible  :  View

Apostate Will  :  View

Sly Dick  :  View

A Hymn for Christmas Day  :  View

Authentic Works at Lambert's

Three Phases
Phase One :  1st July 1767 - 30 Sept 1768

Authentic Works at Lambert's

Three Phases
Phase Two :  1st Oct 1768 - 5 April 1769

The Mayor's first Passing over the Old Bridge  :  View

  • Songe of Saincte Werburgh  :  View

  • Song of Sayncte Baldwyn  :  View

Rowley's Printing Press  :  View

Yellowe Rolle   :   View

  • Of the Auntiaunt Forme of Monies...: View

  • Englandes Glorye Revyved : View

Explayneals of the Annexed Yellowe Rolle [Purple Rolle] : View


The Merrie Tricks of Laymyngetowne  :  View

[Mass Book Inscription

Tower Gate


The Parlyamente of Sprytes : View​​

  • On the Dedication of St. Mary's Church : View 

Rowley's Collection for Canynge:

  • The Gate of Sayncte Marye

  • Auntyant Monuments

  • Three Ancient Monuments

  • Waterre Gate

Bristol Castle

Seyncte Maries Chyrche of the Porte : View

  • Epitaph on Robert Canynge'

Four Letters on Warwyke'

Nine Deeds and Proclamations

Abstracts from Letters

Three Rowley Letters

The Rolle of Seyncte Bartlemeweis Priorie

Fragment of a Sermon

Knightes Templaries Chyrche

Chronical 1340-1374

The Chyrche Oratorie of the Calendaryes

Three Tombs

Note to Map of Bristol

Extracts from Speght's Chaucer

To Miss C___,

  • On Hearing Her Play on the Harpsichord

To Mr Powell

Nine Poems to Hoyland, & Clarke:

  • Seven to Eleanor Hoyland

  • Two to Sally Clarke

John Baker Correspondence, 5 January 1769  :  View

Elegy On the Death of Mr. Tandey  :  View

On Mr. Broderip's Excellent Performance

On Mr. Alcock of Bristol

To Ralph Bigland, Somerset Herald  :  View

Saxon Tincture  :  View

John Baker Correspondence, 18th February 1769  :  View

Ǽlla: A Tragycal Enterlude, or Discoorsenyge Tragedie  :  View

  • Epistle to Mastre Canynge on Ǽlla : View

  • Letter to the Dynge Mastre Canynge : View

  • Entroductionne

  • Ǽlla. Celmonde, att Brystowe.

  • List of names etc: Birtha, Mynstrelles, Manne, Womanne, bothe, Syr Thybbot Gorges, Messengere, Magnus, Hurra, Hie Preeste, Armie, Watchette, Soldyerres, Soldyers, Danes flyinge, Servitoure, Egwina, 

  • Mynstrelles Songe (O! Synge Untoe Mie Roundelaie)

Lyfe of  W: Canynge

  • The Worlde

Elle's Coffin

Rowley's Heraldic Account of Bristol Artists & Writers

  • On Fitz Hardynge; 

  • On Richard 1; 

  • On Happinesse;

  • On Johne a Dalbenie

  • The Storie of Wyllyam Canynge (Anent a Brooklette) : View

Churches of Bristol

Fragmentes of Anticquitie

The Court Mantle

Ethelgar. A Saxon Poem

John Baker, Correspondence, 6th March 1769  :  View  

To the Beauteous Miss Hoyland

Horace Walpole Correspondence  :  View Walpole Page

Horace Walpole Correspondence  :  View Walpole Page

  • From Walpole 28 March 1769 : View

Horace Walpole Correspondence  :  View Walpole Page

  • To Walpole 30 March 1769 : View

  • Historie of Peyncters yn Englande bie T. Rowley

  • Ecca Byshoppe of Hereforde...[Two Verses]

  • Elmar Byshoppe of Seseie...[a Speeche]

  • Johne Seconde Abbate of Seyncte Austyns Mynsterre

       his poem The Warre.

Painter's Bill to Canynge

Heraudyn. A Fragmente

A Chronycalle of Brystowe wrote bie Raufe Chedder,

Chappmanne 1356

Elegy 1 (Haste, haste, ye solemn messengers of night,)

Authentic Works at Lambert's

Three Phases
Phase Three :  6th April 1769 - 23rd April 1770

Horace Walpole - All Correspondence : View Walpole Page

  • To Walpole, 8 April 1769

  • To Walpole, 14 April 1769 (1st draft C.)

  • To Walpole, 14 April 1769 (2nd draft B.)

  • To Walpole, 14 April 1769 (3rd draft C. sent)

Kenrick. Translated from the Saxon  :  View

Saxon  Achievements

Cerdick. Translated from the Saxon

Englysh Metamorphosis  :  View

The Tournament. An Interlude : View

The Gouler's Requiem : View

Elinoure and Juga :

The Acconte of W. Canynges Feast

Goddwyn. A Tragedie

Eclogue the First

Eclogue the Second

Eclogue the Third

Account of the Family of the De Berghams : View

  • The Romance of the Knight (TP330)

  • The Romaunte of the Cynghte* 

To Mr. Stephens, 20 July 1769  :  View

To Mr. Holland

Horace Walpole Correspondence  :  View Walpole Page

  • To Walpole, 24th July 1769

'Walpole! I thought not I should ever see'  :  View Walpole Page


Godred Crovan

Elegy on Mr. Wm. Smith

Elegy on the Demise of a Great Genius

Amphitryon. A Burletta

Hobbinol and Thyrsis

Journal 6th

Horace Walpole Correspondence

          (Taylor, p.999, suggests 4 August or 12 October).​

'Intrest thou universal God of Men'

Elegy, Written at Stanton Drew


Elegy to the Memory of Mr. Thomas Phillips, of Fairford

  • 1st version 28th

  • 2nd version 

Elegy - 29 Octr.

'Hervenis harping on the hackneyd Text'

Epistle to Clayfield

The Constabiliad

Heroic Fragment

Elegy 2

The Hirlas 1  :   View

The Complaint  

Antiquity of Christmas Games