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Works Correspondence 

(Progress Report : Links to Works being added daily)

catcott receipt bill invoice 10 guineas chatterton.JPG

Chatterton's handwritten Ms. see below for a transcript.


Quick links to all of Chatterton's Works + Correspondence

   Call it what you will - if it was linked with Chatterton it will be included.  This will be the base point from which we can examine every piece of work and add notes and links accordingly - what fun we will all have!  Ok, I can't answer for you, but I will love every minute of it.

   Deciding what is and what is not written by Chatterton is, in some instances, difficult to determine. For this reason I am guided by a combination of Meyerstein & Taylor. I would welcome the input of the current experts but tend to hear very little from them - I guess they lead busy lives.  I'm joking, I'm joking, I know how much time I spend on this project myself; simply too much. Here's an example :  

   The manuscript receipt, shown above, was written by Chatterton and given to George Catcott. It passed from Catcott to the Bristol surgeon, Richard Smith, before it ended up at the Bristol Library.   

The Ms. is very difficult to read, which leads me to believe that it has faded further since it was first transcribed (this is partly why the Chatterton Manuscript Project exists). This drove me to seek out a transcript, which I remembered reading in the past; it took me an hour and a half to find it, and here it is, direct from page 124 of The True Chatterton by John Ingram: 


Mr George Catcott,

To the Executors of T. Rowley.                             Dr.

                                                                      £    s.   d.

To the pleasure received in reading his-

           historic works         ...    ...    ...    ...   5    5    0

To the pleasure received in reading his

            poetic works     ...     ...      ...      ...   5    5    0

                                                                  £10   10   0

Belongs to 

Richard Smith

[Annotation in the handwriting of Richard Smith, Surgeon]   

Note :

The key to my progress in this part of the project is the word 'View.'  If it is blue and present next to a title, count yourself blessed. If is missing and you need the information then do let me know and I will see if I can populate the title for you. In the meantime, I will be endeavouring to populate each of the titles in order of their appearance below (from top to bottom), but will jump forward occasionally.

The list is fully Searchable via your browser search function, or simply press ctrl+F.

Authentic Works at Colston's
 3 August 1760 - 30 June 1767

Authentic at Lambert's 
 Phase 1 :  August 1767 - 30 September 1768

Authentic at Lambert's 
 Phase 2 :  1 October 17678 - 5 April 1769

The Mayor's first Passing over the Old Bridge  :  View

  • Songe of Saincte Werburgh  :  View

  • Song of Sayncte Baldwyn  :  View

Rowley's Printing Press : View

To John Ladgate : View

Yellowe Rolle:

  • Of the Auntiaunt Forme of Monies : View

  • Englandes Glorye Revyved : View


Explayneals of the Annexed Yellowe Rolle [Purple Rolle] : View

Battle of Hastings 2  :  View


The Merrie Tricks of Laymyngetowne

A Discorse on Brystowe

[Mass Book Inscription] (a) 

  • Tower Gate (b)

  • Hardinge (c)

The Parlyamente of Sprytes : View​​

  • On the Dedication of St. Mary's Church : View 

Rowley's Collection for Canynge:

  • The Gate of Sayncte Marye

  • Auntyant Monuments

  • Three Ancient Monuments

  • Waterre Gate

Bristol Castle

Seyncte Maries Chyrche of the Porte : View

  • Epitaph on Robert Canynge'

Four Letters on Warwyke'

Nine Deeds and Proclamations

Abstracts from Letters

Three Rowley Letters


The Rolle of Seyncte Bartlemeweis Priorie

Fragment of a Sermon

Knightes Templaries Chyrche

Chronical 1340-1374

The Chyrche Oratorie of the Calendaryes

Three Tombs

Note to Map of Bristol

Extracts from Speght's Chaucer

James Dodsley Correspondence, 21 Dec 1768  : View

To Miss C___,

  • On Hearing Her Play on the Harpsichord

To Mr Powell

Nine Poems to Hoyland, & Clarke:

  • Seven to Eleanor Hoyland

  • Two to Sally Clarke

Letter from John Baker, 5 January 1769

On the Death of Mr. Tandey

On Mr. Broderip's Excellent Performance

On Mr. Alcock of Bristol

To Ralph Bigland

Saxon Tincture

James Dodsley Correspondence 15th Feb 1769  :  View

From John Baker, 18th February 1769

Ǽlla: A Tragycal Enterlude, or Discoorsenyge Tragedie : View

  • Epistle to Mastre Canynge on Ǽlla : View

  • Letter to the Dynge Mastre Canynge : View

Lyfe of  W: Canynge

  • The Worlde

Elle's Coffin

Rowley's Heraldic Account of Bristol Artists & Writers

  • On Fitz Hardynge; 

  • On Richard 1; 

  • On Happinesse;

  • On Johne a Dalbenie

  • The Storie of Wyllyam Canynge (Anent a Brooklette) : View

Churches of Bristol

Fragmentes of Anticquitie

The Court Mantle

Ethelgar. A Saxon Poem

To John Baker, 6th March 1769  :  View  

To the Beauteous Miss Hoyland

Horace Walpole Correspondence:

Horace Walpole Correspondence:

Horace Walpole Correspondence:

  • To Walpole 30 March 1769 : View

  • Historie of Peyncters yn Englande bie T. Rowley

  • Ecca Byshoppe of Hereforde...[Two Verses]

  • Elmar Byshoppe of Seseie...[a Speeche]

  • Johne Seconde Abbate of Seyncte Austyns Mynsterre

       his poem The Warre.

Painter's Bill to Canynge

Heraudyn. A Fragmente

A Chronycalle of Brystowe wrote bie Raufe Chedder,

Chappmanne 1356

Elegy 1 (Haste, haste, ye solemn messengers of night,)

Authentic at Lambert's 
 Phase 3  :  6 April 1769 -  23 April 1770

Horace Walpole - All Correspondence : View 

  • To Walpole, 8 April 1769

  • To Walpole, 14 April 1769 (1st draft C.)

  • To Walpole, 14 April 1769 (2nd draft B.)

  • To Walpole, 14 April 1769 (3rd draft C. sent)

Kenrick. Translated from the Saxon.

Saxon  Achievements

Cerdick. Translated from the Saxon

Englysh Metamorphosis  :  View

The Tournament. An Interlude : View

The Gouler's Requiem : View

Elinoure and Juga :

The Acconte of W. Canynges Feast

Goddwyn. A Tragedie

Eclogue the First

Eclogue the Second

Eclogue the Third

Account of the Family of the De Berghams : View

  • The Romance of the Knight (TP330)

  • The Romaunte of the Cynghte* 

To Mr. Stephens, 20 July 1769

To Mr. Holland

Horace Walpole Correspondence

  • To Walpole, 24th July 1769

'Walpole! I thought not I should ever see'


Godred Crovan

Elegy on Mr. Wm. Smith

Elegy on the Demise of a Great Genius

Amphitryon. A Burletta

Hobbinol and Thyrsis

Journal 6th

Horace Walpole Correspondence

  • From Horace Walpole 4 Aug or 12 Oct 1769?

'Intrest thou universal God of Men'

Elegy, Written at Stanton Drew


Elegy to the Memory of Mr. Thomas Phillips, of Fairford

  • 1st version 28th

  • 2nd version 

Elegy - 29 Octr.

'Hervenis harping on the hackneyd Text'

Epistle to Clayfield

The Constabiliad

Heroic Fragment

Elegy 2

The Hirlas 1

Happiness. A Poem  :  View

The Complaint

Antiquity of Christmas Games

Epistle. To the Revd. Mr. Catcott  :  View

The Copernican System  :  View

The Defence

To Miss Lydia C---n

A New Song

The Articles of the Belief of me Thomas Chatterton  :  View 

The Advice.  Addressed to Miss M**** R*****, of Bristol

The Hirlas 2

Astrea Brokage Letter

Heccar and Gaira. An African Eclogue  :  View

The Consuliad

Anecdote of Chaucer

The Unfortunate Fathers


The Methodist

'If wishing for the mystic Joys of Love'

February. An Elegy

Decimus. To the Duke of G----n

The Whore of Babylon  :  View

Resignation. A Poem  : View

From Isaac Fell, 13 March 1770

William Barrett Correspondence : View

  • To Barrett, Feb or March 1770 : View

March. An Elegy

From Esther Saunders

Fables for the Court

The Hag


Decimus. To the Princess of Gotham

To Miss Hoyland 5

To Miss Hoyland 6

Hor. Lib. 1, OD. 19

Hor. Lib. 1, OD. 5 

Kew Gardens

Authentic at Shoreditch 
 25 April 1770 - 31 May 1770

Sarah Chatterton Correspondence : View

The Candidates

*Narva and Mored An African Eclogue 2 May 1770  :  View

The Exhibition A Personal Satire  :  View

A Song Addressed to Miss C----am

Sarah Chatterton Correspondence

  • Letter to Sarah Chatterton, & others, 6 May 1770

  • Thomas Cary; Henry Kator; William Smith; Mrs Baker

  • Matt Mease; Mr Thaire; Mr Rudhall; Mr Ward; Mr Gaster

  • Mr Thomas; Mr Kator; Mr A. Broughton; Mr Carty

  • Mr Smith, &c. &c. &c. Mr J. Broughton; Mr Hanmer;

  • Mr Williams; Mr Vaughan

To the Society at Spring Garden

Decimus To the Earl of H-----h (Hillsborough)

Decimus To the P----- D----- of W----- (Princess Dowager)

Sarah Chatterton Correspondence : View

  • To Sarah Chatterton 14 May

Decimus. To the Prime Minister

Libertas. A Card. To Od Slyboots

Decimus. An Exhibition of Sign Paintings

*Probus to the Lord Mayor  :  View

*O! Quickly may the Friendly Ruin Fall  :  View

  (Elegy 3, to Maria)

Decimus. To the Freeholders of the City of Bristol

Mary Chatterton Correspondence : View

Authentic at Brooke Street 
 1 June 1770 -  25 August 1770

The Death of Nicou, An African Eclogue  :  View

Letter 6, A Hunter of Oddities  :  View

Maria Friendless Letter

Exhibition of Sign Paintings at the West End of Town

Mary Chatterton Correspondence : View

Speech of Sir John de Beauchamp

The False Step, a Real History

To Miss B-sh, of Bristol

The Revenge, A Burletta  :  View 

A Bacchanalian sung by Mr Reinhold  :  View

The Invitation to be sung by Mrs Barthelemoon....


A Bacchanalian  :  View

The Virgin's Choice

The Happy Pair

Betsy of the Hill

A Burlesque Cantata

Burletta. The Woman of Spirit


Thomas Cary Correspondence ; View

  •  Thomas Cary, 1st July 1770 : View

Genuine Copy of a Letter from the Earl of C--d to the...

An Excelente Balade of Charitie

Sarah Chatterton Correspondence : View

Mary Chatterton Correspondence : View

The Art of Puffing by a Bookseller's Journeyman

Memoirs of a Sad Dog  :  View

An African Song  :  View

Menenius. To William Lord M--d (Mansfield)

George Catcott's Correspondence with Chatterton : View

Decimus. To Dr. Newton Bishop of Bristol  :  View

The Happy Pair. A Tale

Gorthmund. Translated from the Saxon.

Colin Instructed

John Rudhall and Mr Baster Correspondence : View

  • To John Rudhall, n.d

  • To Mr Baster.

        (Damn the Muses I obinate them and all their Works)

Impromptu on the Immortality of the Soul

  • "Say, O my soul, if not allowed to be"  :  View

To a Friend on his Intended Marriage

The Resignation

From an Unknown Girl, n.d.

  • The Letter Paraphras'd

  • To William Smith n.d. (signed Hasmot Tnchaorett)

WODA  (Works of Doubtful Authenticity)

Taylor offers the following works for reconsideration as

potentially genuine works of Chatterton.

WODA at Colston's 
 3 August 1760 - 30 June 1767

WODA at Lambert's 
 August 1767 - 23 April 1770

WODA at Shoreditch 
 25 April 1770 -  31 May 1770

WODA  at  Brooke Street 
 June 1770  -  25 August 1770

LOST WORKS  -  D. S. Taylor's Suggested List
Approximating to Chronological Order

Paraphrases of Job ix and Isaiah

Satiric Lines on a Schoolmaster

Letter to a Schoolmaster

Ode to Lais

Antiquities - Book 1st & 2nd

Letter from Horace Walpole

A Manx Tragedy

Ode to Duke Harry

To Isaac Fell,

To Michael Clayfield

Fragment of a Comedy or Farce

A Briton. To Lord North.

The Moderator No. 1.

Probus. To the Earl of Bute.

Decimus. To the King.

Probus. 2d to the Lord Mayor.

Decimus (or Probus). To C. Jenkinson.

The Moderator. To Lord North.

To Thomas Cary, 25th June 

To George Catcott 10 July 1770

An Oratorio

The Dowager. A Tragedy

Sarah Chatterton Correspondence : View

  • To Sarah Chatterton 20 August 1770 : View

William Barrett Correspondence : View

  • To William Barrett August 1770 : View

The Flight.

Elegy or Soliloquy of a Man in His Cell

Martha Catcott Correspondence : View

  • To Martha Catcott - Rose of Virginity unknown date

Thomas Cary Correspondence : View

  • To [Thomas Cary?] Unknown date

A History of Portbury : Unknown Date

Five Works : unknown dates

  • Auntyaunte Coynes with the Hystoryee of Furste Coyninge by the Sexonne

  • Historie of See and Church of Durham

  • Lyfe of Byghtrycus

  • [Annalles from King Byghtrycus to Byghtrickus the Erle.]

  • Finyshynge of Turgotte toe the Reygnen of Esward the [Fourth].


Justyce of the Peece  : Unknown date

[Dramatic Poem on Sir Charles Bawden.]  Unknown

[Verses to Miss Clark.] : Unknown

Letter on Canynge : Unknown

Chatterton Family Parchment : Unknown

Works Wrongly Attributed 
* To be Reconsidered *

Approximating to Chronological Order

Translation of the 7th Ode of the Fourth Book of Horace

A Dialogue between War and Peace

Letter from Peele to Marlowe

An Epistle from the Moon to the Earth

Anecdote Taken from the Original Low Dutch

A Morning Hymn

Epigram. On the Majority and Minority

The Origin of Surnames

An Exhibition of Polite Arts: By Mr Ram's Eye

Reason and Fashion

The Retreat

A Night Piece o Death (Not Chatterton)

The Cuckow Traveller: An Original Fable

Poor Richard's Maxims

The Auction. A Poem

Probus. On Sir George Colebrooke

Exhibition of Pictures, Models, Statues etc., 

Eleonora and Juga. By S.W.A. aged 16

A Letter from a Gentleman at London to his Friend....

Baron Otranto and Mrs, Heidelburgh

Dick and Dolly:  A Pastoral

Alonzo to Celia

The Lamentation of Liberty and Britannia, on the Death of the Right Honourable William Beckford, Esq.

Mock Will of William Beckford

To Mary Chatterton, 23rd July 1770.

       Dix forgery. (Ms letter BPL) Unpublished - TP807

Humorous Effects by Cross-reading the Newspapers.

(An untitled Exhibition)

      General Evening Post 28 August 1770.  TP808

A Remarkable Account of a Converted Jew

The Last Will and Testament of Matthew Moonshine,

Prisoner in the Fleet.

The Catskin Brothers

Civis. On the Antiquity of the Bow



An Epigram


An Epitaph on an Old Maid

The Gallery and School of Nature: a Vision.

      To be checked probably a Dix hoax TP797

George Catgut. The Ambitious Knight of the Spit...

Love and Beauty...(See: On Mercy; To a Young Lady)

      (Not Chatterton) TP801

Metrical Epistle from Chatterton, the Poet, to a Lady

On Mercy (See love and Beauty above) ​ TP802

On Modern Fribblism

Probus. To the Right Hon. the Earl of Dartmouth

Sonnet, Supposed to be Written by Chatterton

Suicide Note

To a Young Lady

     (See On Mercy, above) To be checked  TP806

Will Hell-Hot

Wortigerne, A Playe (Not Chatterton)


All Lost Works
Wrongly Attributed
Antiquities Book 3rd
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