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Mary Chatterton's Anecdote

'Paint Me an Angel 

To Blow My Name About'


Artistic Licence

The Painting, by W.J. Montaigne

 Depicts the Anecdote

'Paint me an Angel with a Trumpet'

Which Chatterton's sister Mary

Related to Dr Michael Lort in 1784

The painting was completed

75 years after the anecdote appeared

in The Pubic Advertiser, 8th June, 1772

Chatterton looks older than 5 years

Whenever he needed to pay the rent

Henry Wallis would knock off a copy of

'The Death of Chatterton.' 

The original is on display at the Tate,

There's a copy in Birmingham MAG;

And another at Yale;

Plus hundreds by Copyists. 

Henrietta Ward did the same with her

'Chatterton' painting, with at least two copies.

William John Montaigne (1839-1902)

Painted his 'Chatterton' in 1847

He also painted duplicates of his works.

And then there are the many engravings!

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