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Rev. Alexander Catcott

1725 - 1799

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We have no portrait of Alexander Catcott, brother of  George Symes Catcott and Martha Catcott.   The Reverend Alexander Catcott was vicar of Temple Church, Bristol (shown above), which is a short walk from Chatterton's home. The Chatterton family would have attended some services at the church and would have been well known by the vicar.  Much of the church was destroyed in the Blitz, but the tower and walls of the church remain to this day.


It would seem that the Rev. Alexander was not fooled by Chatterton and believed that he had the ability to create Rowley.   However, according to George, when Chatterton gave Alexander a copy of 'Rowley’s Fragment of a Sermon on the Divinity of the Holie Spryte,' it was in 'modern' English transcribed by Chatterton rather than the 'original.' This was, supposedly, because Alexander was not used to reading obsolete English, which gives the impression that Alexander did accept this work as an original by Rowley - click the above link to read more of George's memories.

At some point Alexander must have done something to annoy Chatterton, perhaps he was being a little high-handed and, as a result, he became the butt of one of Chatterton's satirical attacks: Epistle to the Reverend Mr. Catcott

Rev. Alexander Catcott

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