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Jean C. Rowles, Chatterton Bibliography

Jean C. Rowles A.L.A

Thomas Chatterton, 1752-1770  - An Annotated Bibliography

cropped pile street.JPG

Pile Street School

From A Chatterton souvenir, Samuel Loxton 1901

From Jean's Bibliography

   Here we go ; I have set myself another 'project', I am working on Jean's Bibliography of Thomas Chatterton.   I am using Optical Character Recognition in Google Docs to turn the photographic images of every page into an editable and searchable extravaganza with, eventually, links to every item mentioned in the bibliography.  That is one page at a time, and each page and every word has to be checked against the original - yes it is onerous, but strangely enjoyable at the same time.  I welcome suggestions that would help speed up the process, especially if there is something better than Google, both for the process and the presentation. 

Why am I doing this? - well, it's because I find Jean's work to be invaluable because it goes much deeper than any other bibliography.  However,  for this reason, it can be difficult to know if you have seen all you need to see of a specific search subject.  

The project is a difficult one and very time consuming, but today, 8 April 2024, after a long hiatus - relating to this part of the TCMP - I was spurred into action, as I often am, by a need to discover more about a missing Chatterton manuscript. The manuscript in question is  Knightes Templaries Chyrche;  I will report more on this in due course on our facebook page.

      There are two parts to the Jean C. Rowles Bibliography Project :


        1.  The Basic Photographic Version  (no search function).

It consists of a quality photograph of every page, gathered and presented as separate chapters (four pages are missing but will be added after the next photography session in 2024).  I have reworked all of the sections over the last three days and am now seeing double, hopefully I will be OK after a few days in a padded cell.  To see the result of my efforts click the view link.  There are also links at the foot of each section to take you directly to the next section in sequence  :  View online

        2.  The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Version  (with search function).

Please feel free to view and use the OCR'd version - even though it is far from ready - while I work through the lengthy OCR process - it is searchable but not yet acceptable  :   View online

W.R. Barker

Barker W.R. 

This little book with the rather long title, is a bit if a rarity and not often available online, fortunately I do have a copy and will photograph it in due course.


  • A Catalogue of the autograph manuscripts and other remains of Thomas Chatterton

       now in the Bristol Museum of Antiquities. With notes and illustrations, 1907.  :   No View

(.QE!.) More to add here in due course. 

Robin Carfrae Alston

ALSTON, Robin Carfrae.

A bibliography of the English language from the invention of printing to the year 1800: a systematic record of writings on English and on other languages in English, based on collections of the principal libraries of the world.   

Items 49-65 list TC's works and the major publications of the Rowley controversy.  A corrected reprint, published in 1974, contains an extra handwritten item at 64a, and some corrections :-

  • A Corrected Reprint, published 1974  :  View online at

QE! :- I was intrigued by the entry above, so I stopped working on the OCR-ing of Jean's bibliography and searched online for this item. I found it at that most wonderful resource, (how would we cope without it?).

The drive by the major book publishers, working together to destroy and the other suppliers of this wonderful and much needed service, is an abomination.  As a result you now need a free account at, which will allow you to borrow the book for an hour, and you can renew the loan after the hour is up.  I am pleased to say that I do donate to, as do many of my friends - it seems the only way that we can make a stand against the cash rich publishers.

Hyett & Bazeley

Hyett & Bazeley

Bibliographer's Manual Chattertoniana (1897) (Complete with errors at no extra charge).

Mentions Edward Mangin, who was a Rowleyian as late as 1838.

Murray Warren

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