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Joseph Cottle

1770 - 1853

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Joseph Cottle, had quite an important role in the ongoing Chatterton phenomenon.  In 1803, he published the three volume edition of Chatterton's life and works. He also published some of the earliest poems of Southey, Coleridge, and Wordsworth.

Joseph impresses me as a reasonable man worth further investigation.  However, time constraints tell me to desist and leave him for another day.   So, for the time being, here's a link to his Wiki page:  Joseph Cottle


1803 Fortescue smaller vol. 2.JPG

       Three volumes published by Joseph Cottle

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The link above is set to take you to the section dealing specifically with Chatterton. However, I recommend reading the whole volume.   As an alternative select from the links below to go to a specific Essay in the same volume.

Joseph Cottle, talking about the 1803 edition, states that the "Investigation of the controversy exclusively devolved upon [himself]...the result of which, in a consolidated form, will now be made the subject of the three following Essays.":-


Chatterton and the Rowleian Controversy

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