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Who's Who in the Chatterton Story

The Gathering has Started

This is Weird:  I've just had the urge to list every single name I have ever come across in my Chatterton researches. I have no idea where this is going to lead, so buckle up for the ride of a lifetime - Q

George Gregory 

George Pryce 

Stanley Hutton

William Barrett


Donald Taylor

John Britton

Edward Colston

John Ingram

John Richmond

John Dix

Joseph Cottle


Robinson Crusoe

Emma Marshall

Henrietta Ward

George Catcott

Alexander Catcott

Alexander S. Catcott

William George

Thomas Eagles

John Taylor

Thomas Chatterton

Sarah Chatterton

Giles Malpas Chatterton

Mary Chatterton

Thomas Chatterton Snr.

John Chatterton

Alexander Selkirk


Samuel Seyer

Thomas Tyrwhitt

Samuel Johnson


Samuel Taylor Coleridge

William Morris

John Davis

Hanah More

Martha Patty More

William Henry Ireland

Henry Burgum

Alexander McDonald

Mrs Angel

Mrs Ballance

Dean Jerimiah Milles





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