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Magazines & Newspapers

 Containing Chatterton's Works

Published during his lifetime

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By the time Chatterton had caught the Stagecoach to London he had already been published 28 times, in at least 7 different periodicals, but he had written much more besides, which didn't see the light of day until after he died.


This page, like most of the website, is being worked on continuously but in time you will be able to click a magazine cover to see the works published in that periodical.   In the meantime all of his works can be accessed via ...the Main Menu

Felix Farley's Bristol Journal

Felix Farley's Bristol Journal 

Middlesex Journal from Henry Wallis picture Death of Chatterton

Middlesex Journal 

Town & Country Magazine Feb 69 Title

The Town and Country Magazine

Freeholder's Magazine 1770

The Freeholder's Magazine  1770

The Universal Magazine

The Universal Magazine


Court and City Magazine

Links to Chatterton's Works & Correspondence

   Call it what you will, authentic, doubtful, lost, or plainly wrong - if it was linked with Chatterton it will be included in Chatterton's Works & Correspondence.  This will be the base point from which we can examine every piece of work, and add notes and links accordingly.  

Authentic Works  : View

Lost Works  :  View                                                

Works of Doubtful Authenticity   :  View

Wrongly Attributed Works   :   View

All Correspondence in Chronological Order  :   View

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