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Contact (.QE!.) at the Chatterton Manuscript Project 

Thank you for your enquiry, comment or suggestion.

I usually respond same day.

Bear in mind that the Chatterton Manuscript Project is currently a solo endeavour of an altruistic nature.  There is no advertising on this site, if offered cookies feel free to reject them, I always do. 

I would be delighted if you joined the project. 

This is not a vanity project; so on the website I use (.QE!.) as my moniker. I prefer the focus to be on Chatterton!  However, I will always credit others, where credit is due!   No I am not trying to be Banksy or enigmatic - but do come up and see me some time! Perhaps at the next Chatterton Society meeting. I'll be the one with the Chatterton keyring fob and wearing the brass, Colston's Charity School badge!

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