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1 African Eclogues

The African Eclogues

Chatterton's Anti-Slavery Works

Death of Nicou image jpg

Engraving used with The Death of Nicou in The Poetical Works of Chatterton with a memoir by Frederick Martin : View

Three of Chatterton's works constitute the group known as the African Eclogues : 

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An African song  two verses image jpg

Last two verses of Chatterton's An African Song

Court and City Magazine July 1770

Chatterton's An African Song* is included above even though it is not listed as an eclogue. It is included because it references Narva and Mored. 

All of the above eclogues were written & published within the first seven months of 1770.   

Analysis of the genesis of Chatterton's African Eclogues 

Wylie Sypher Chatterton's African Eclogue image

Chatterton's African Eclogues


Catcott's Treatise on the Deluge

by Wylie Sypher : In the PMLA Vol. 54, 1939

An extract from the above: 

Some have credited Coleridge's Kubla Khan with a “magic” lacking to almost every other poem in English. Though more finished in its artistry, Kuhla Khan is, however, no more “magic” than parts of Chatterton's African Eclogues; in fact, as E. H. W. Meyerstein in his excellent Life of Chatterton was apparently the first critic to point out, there are sundry arresting likenesses between these Eclogues and Kuhla Khan. Since the Rowley poet is in his strange “romantic” way similar to Coleridge, is it possible to penetrate the “shaping spirit of imagination” behind the African Eclogues, as Mr. Lowes has penetrated the imagination behind Kuhla Khan? The purpose of this discussion is to show the manifold effects of the Rev. Alexander Catcott's Treatise on the Deluge on three “magic” poems.

      View Wylie Sypher's essay online  :   View

3 Groom African Eclogues

Chatterton Lecture on Poetry

  Thomas Chatterton: four ways of literary terra-forming.

A Lecture by  Nick Groom, 19th May 2022

Chatterton’s Anti-Slavery Poetry


     The African Eclogues (part 3 of the lecture)  :  View


     The Full Lecture  :  View online

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