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The Chatterton story is confusing enough without me adding to it. So, I have been busily reworking the site to suit my own style and preferences, rather than copying the rather flashy, busy sites, that I find so irritating.

I am aiming to make the pages shorter to speed up the loading time. Might be a mite confusing at first but it is all still there - somewhere!

What is .Q. (No, it has nothing to do with QAnon. It is more akin to the style of 'O', which was used to indicate Michael Lort, an important (and rather robust) figure in the Chatterton story, and 'Q' from Star Trek, which indicates that I am a Godlike creature - let there be light upon the Chatterton story!).

Caricature of Michael Lort above. The Gif below is of 'Q' from Star Trek.

  • (.Q.)

Updated: Oct 18

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Working on a rather large volume at the moment. It contains over 500 pages, and is taking an inordinate amount of time.

It has the title Chatertoniana, which can be confusing as there are a few other volumes with the same title.

This volume contains the notes of Rev. Dr. Lort, as well as many first printings of Chatterton's works. Something to look forward to without a doubt.

Dr Lort's handwriting is often difficult to decipher but persevere and your eye will get used to it pretty quickly.

Two images below:

1. Lort's Ms. report regarding Chatterton discovering the iron bound chests in the muniment room.

2. The spine of the book

Updated: Sep 17

Just uploaded Herbert Croft's emotional letter regarding his visit to the room in Brooke Street where Chatterton died, [ more on panel C16]

There are 344 pages, including the index, in Croft's 1786 fifth edition of Love and Madness. Around 150 of the pages are dedicated to the Chatterton story. These pages, along with the pages from the 1780 edition, will be uploaded within the next few days.

In case you were wondering, and you probably weren't, the little paws holding the pages flat when I photograph documents for the website, belong to Leo my ancient wooden lion.