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Sly Dick


A Hymn for Christmas Day

Written 1764 - Published 1803. TP811

Age: 12, Colston's School


The Houghton Library Hyde Room
Chatterton’s Mss. Locked-Up in Academia - Oh the Luxury of it all! 

The manuscript originals of Sly Dick, and A Hymn for Christmas Day, are, according to Taylor, on two leaves of the same manuscript, and in the possession of the Houghton Harvard Library. For the time being, we will have to make do with 'First Printings' from transcripts by Herbert Croft.

We await copies of the originals from Houghton Harvard Library in due course.

Sly Dick

Herbert Croft Transcript

1803  Sly Dick (1) small.JPG
1803  Sly Dick (2) small.JPG
1803  Sly Dick (3) small.JPG
Sly Dick
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