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Chatterton's Correspondence

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

You will be delighted to know Chatterton's Correspondence is not all 'Cartwheel Spokes!'

Which reminds me of the time I went to St Mary Redcliffe to watch a play/musical about the life of Chatterton. My long suffering wife (never anything more true than this), and two toddlers, were along for the ride.

I, of course, enjoyed every minute of it, especially when the actors appeared ready to quote The Letter Paraphrased - oh the shock of it! The look on the face of my wife was a picture 'surely not,' she whispered to me!

They were, of course, just messing with the audience (with those who knew of the 'shocking' paraphrase that is) and it was at St Mary Redcliffe church after all.

Meyerstein apologises for not being allowed to print it in 1930, and we had to wait for Taylor, in 1971, to print the paraphrase in full, although Mabbott did print a 'private' edition in 1933.

I will complete the circle when it is included in Chatterton's correspondence here in the project, but that will have to wait until the virus gives me permission to travel.

In the meantime I have uploaded the first printing, from Masson's Essays of 1856, of the 'Letter from an Unknown Girl.' This Unknown Girl was Chatterton's muse for the Letter Paraphrased.

Oh, and all of Chatterton's other correspondence to family and friends is also included.

I have used first printings where I do not have the original Ms. You know the drill by now, when the original Ms. becomes available I will upload it.



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