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Updated: Oct 5, 2021

OK. Here it is. The truth. No Flimflam.

I've got Coleridgeitis.

I am forced to keep fiddling with the website until I get it exactly as I want it to be. Which is the problem Coleridge had with his Chatterton Monody - always fiddling and never finished!

I am still working on the basic layout of the website, so many of the links to manuscripts will not be working - but quite a few are. There is a lot to look forward to if you share my interests.

In my defence, I did say it was a work in progress but what I didn't know was how long it would take me to learn how these so called 'five minute websites' work, especially how to overcome the built-in and frustrating issues they contain.

I do welcome feedback as I strive to finish realigning the layout and links.

Something with this much promise is worth waiting for - providing you have an interest in Chatterton. .QE!.


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