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Dr Johnson and the missing Aardvark!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Thanks to Dr Tedd George for the heads up on the Flickr page published by Bristol Reference Library, which contains images of some Chatterton originals, along with short descriptions:

Dr Tedd George is a remarkable man and it's well worth visiting his website - and not just because he is a fan of Chatterton, which is obvious by his Chatterton article on the website.

Tedd is the founder and Chief Narrative Officer of Kleos Advisory and advises on digital & agritech projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and emerging markets. Tedd regularly appears as chairman, speaker and moderator on the world conference and webinar circuit and as a commentator in the media. Tedd has a diverse range of specialities, including African markets, disruptive technology (Fintech, agritech & regtech), soft commodities (especially cocoa), agribusiness, trade and trade finance, supply chain integrity and ESG. Video

From a personal perspective, Tedd has recently published a book about his and his father's deep connection to the Crucible theatre in Sheffield, where his father introduced the Thrust Stage, and became its first Artistic Director.

I know, I know, there's nothing here about the Aardvark. That's because the missing Aardvark is a play on the fact I knew nothing about the Flickr exhibition, and so it is missing from my website, along with the originals it contains.

Here's a YouTube clip of Dr Johnson showing his dictionary to the King.


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