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Reworking the site in my own image

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

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The Chatterton story is confusing enough without me adding to it. So, I have been busily reworking the site to suit my own style and preferences, rather than copying the rather flashy, busy sites, that I find so irritating.

I am aiming to make the pages shorter to speed up the loading time. Might be a mite confusing at first but it is all still there - somewhere!

What is .Q. (No, it has nothing to do with QAnon. It is more akin to the style of 'O', which was used to indicate Michael Lort, an important (and rather robust) figure in the Chatterton story, and 'Q' from Star Trek, which indicates that I am a Godlike creature - let there be light upon the Chatterton story!).

Caricature of Dr. Michael Lort
Dr Michael Lort

Caricature of Michael Lort above. The Gif below is of 'Q' from Star Trek.

The signature to the website is now: QE! = Question Everything


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