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The Parlyamente of Sprytes

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Uploaded yesterday, The Parlyamente of Sprytes, zoomable images of the two verses of the first printing in Dean Milles 1782 edition -only two verses were in this edition. and the full work from Barrett's History of Bristol 1789.

We would like a collaborator to get us a copy of the original, which was at the British Museum in 1971 (according to Taylor), but now in the British Library,

The two books mentioned above are from my own collection and are a bit special; the 1782 was a gift to Thistlethwaite from Dean Milles. The 1789 is a grangerised copy from the George Elliot collection, with a rather ornate bookplate from a previous owner.

That's all for now from (.QE!.)

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