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Website Update

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I have been working feverishly updating the layout of the website: done - tick.

I have added comprehensive menus, I know, I know, they are important - done - tick

The menus can now be expanded as I discover and add more background information about Chatterton. I do like this new layout and hope that it is a little more intuitive.

Do note that I continue to work feverishly as I endeavour to make as many of the links work by adding manuscripts and first printings. However many of the links for Lambert's, Shoreditch, and Brooke Street, are still to be updated with manuscripts or first printings, but I find that I need to add the various later printings where they add something to our understanding - this is slowing me down a little. I am also held up by the pandemic and Bristol library is shut anyway - curses!

The most recent (and important) addition to the expanded menu is the section detailing the books and manuscripts used / read by Chatterton.

A book by Benjamin Martin (see above) is a good example. It contains an engraving, The Copernican System, which is also the title of a Chatterton poem printed in the Town and Country Magazine in 1769.

Chatterton borrowed the book, Martin's Philosophy, from a friend, Mr Clayfield, specifically to read the poems in it, and to learn more of the solar system when creating his own poem.

It's always good to put a face to a name. This rather handsome engraving of Benjamin Martin, shows that he had time to pamper himself, while also writing dozens, of books; running a shop selling scientific instruments: including Orreries & Spectacles - a true polymath.


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